Tuesday 26 April 2011

In search for a watch...

I have been after a wrist watch for sometime now. Today I came across the sale on Amazon UK. I liked these few pieces and still deciding which one to buy...
I like this white ones because of the wide belt.

The animal print on the display? Really? COOL!!!


Nice colour for sporty :)

 Love the pink belt but me no liky the digital ...

I love crooked feel to it!
Ok, this one is out of my price range but if it was It would have been in my top 3!
Doesn't it look like a smiley face :)

I have till Thursday to decide(the sale finishes then). Tough o_O
 If I get to buy anything I will def write a review :)
Good days and shopping to you all :) 

Saturday 16 April 2011

Interesting thing is, the heart mends when we love and give of ourselves and then it grows and heals ... so rather than wait to be loved...start loving others, being kind to others, helping and your heart will be bigger  you could ever have dreamed possible.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Selling on ebay?!

It's been a long time since I wrote anything.... Had a bad week, actually two. My youngest missed 6 weeks at nursery, then finally she was fit to go. Thursday, Friday in. Everyone is happy! I was off to the gym and the girls were having fun with friends. Here comes Sunday and I find chicken pox on V! OMG! That's another 2 weeks at home :(  Am I a bad mum saying that 8 weeks at home( couldn't go out) with your kids makes you go

Anyways, I thought to share a tip for selling stuff on e-bay. Probably many of us sell unwanted stuff, things your children grew out of, things you don't need any more and etc.  The most annoying thing I find when listing things are the charges for photos. Sometimes they don't charge you at all, and some times they do. Did you know that you can use a free independent photo hosting site? You upload your photos on that site and on your e-bay listing you can either do HTML to incorporate your photos, or just put links to your photos. I used to use http://www.auctiva.com/ , but now I am trying out a http://www.fileave.com.
Fileave seems easy to use. And what I like about it is that the links to the photos are straight forward and they show each photo in a full screen. Love it! Check as an example 'Clarks shoes'
Isn't it cool?  And by using this site you avoid extra charges for your photos on e-bay :)
  Happy e-baying  haha

Thursday 7 April 2011

And the winner is....

Gosh, its been a busy week. Appointments with paediatric clinic, genetics clinic, x-rays, schools admissions, chasing therapists.... 
Finally got the time to sit and draw the winner for the £20 voucher to spend in any of  the 6 CSN stores 
           And the winner is........ (drum roll please ;).......... mumsarcade. Congratulations!!