Thursday 22 May 2014

What’s Normal After Birth

What’s Normal After Birth

Birth to 6-8 Weeks After Delivery
You’re tired and generally not feeling like your old self yet.
Stitches and tissue damage/tears may feel tender.
Your post birth bleeding should have ceased.
You may be a little fearful of or cautious when performing bowel movements.
You may have difficulty straightening up/standing tall especially if you birthed via C-Section.
Your C-Section scar is still healing and may be tender. You will have to modify getting up and down from the sitting and lying down positions.
Your pelvis might be feeling very unstable and loose or conversely you might feel a general tightness in your pelvic region.
Your abdominal may feel loose and unsupported.
Your muscle may be tight and achy especially around your hips, shoulders neck and backs of your thighs.
You may have some degree incontinence – urinary, gas or fecal.
You may have difficulty mentally connecting to your Pelvic Floor muscles.
You might be experiencing some neck, bicep and shoulder pain and general tightness in your upper body due to the demands of breastfeeding

Your best actions: REST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, no lifting anything heavier than your baby, begin gentle stretching, get a specialist Post Natal massage and nourish your depleted body through OPTIMUM NUTRITION, homecooked good food! Ultimately , start reconnecting gently to your body especially your Pelvic Floor gently but also let Mother Nature Do Her Job too!

8+ Weeks Post Delivery
Your Post Natal bleeding should have stopped or the flow reduced considerably and the colour of your discharge become very light. If this isn't the case, please seek advice from your Health Care Professional.
You should be generally pain free but your C-Section scar might be tender or be painful if you over exert yourself. The area around the scar might also be numb.
Your bowel movements should be easier and have returned to a normal rhythm, if not take a few teaspoons of Linseeds soaked in hot water before bed to help re-establish a good rhythm.
Your pelvis may still be feeling very unstable and loose or conversely you might feel a general tightness in your pelvic region.
You may still be experiencing some degree of incontinence – urinary, gas and possibly fecal.
You may still have difficulty connecting to your Pelvic Floor muscles.
If you are still feeling tired, check with your HCP whether you need to take an Iron Supplement.
Ensure you include a high quality Vitamin and Mineral Supplement in your diet and also supplement with Omega Fish Oils.
Apply the principles of high level Optimum Nutrition to replenish your Post Natal body after Pregnancy.
Keep well hydrated with water and fruit teas.
When given the go-ahead start exercising according to your level of recovery.
Include a regular stretching programme.
Take advantage of ANY opportunity to be still, quiet and rest.
Prioritise your self-care and the care of your baby, housework and the rest of life can wait until you get your energy and strength back.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Yummy salad with grapefruit and chicken

I love grapefruit. Just got home very hungry, but didn't want to cook much. Looked around my kitchen, scratched my head and threw a salad together. It does require some cooking, but nothing too complicated or time consuming.
Chicken breast
Baby tomatoes
Fresh Coriander leaves
Clove of garlic
Seasoning of your choice

Put quinoa to cook and chicken breast on grill(or fry steam) . While it's cooking, chop the grapefruit, coriander leaves( I use amount the size of my palm), garlic, tomatoes. Put in a salad dish. Drain cooked quinoa and rinse with cold water, add to the dish. Chopp the chicken and add to your salad. I season with salt and cayenne pepper, sprinkle with a little bit of olive oil and it's ready to eat. I find it's very yummy and filling. Enough for two main meals.
Enjoy your meal!
P.S. quantity of each ingredient put to your own taste.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Proud Mummy Moment :)

My little V is using a communication devise to speak. Or rather is learning to use it ;)
Today was very very very proud mummy moment. She can not speak. The only word she is able to say is 'Mama'. She can't speak due to oropharyngeal dysphagia as one of the symptoms of her undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder. Not being able to speak is a missing link in language development. It so much harder to learn/understand the concept of letter-sound. Reading-writing etc. She will be 6 next month, she is in year1 in school. 
Today as she was fiddling with her communication devise, she spelled a short sentence and to be honest I did not expect her to be able to spell any single word except 'mom' and 'dad'. But OH MY did she surprise me, she actually spelled a sentence! And then she signed what she wrote. Love her to bits!
Here is the video of her doing it :)