Wednesday 27 February 2013

Leg day

Had 5 min cardio warm-up then stretch and while waiting for the bar station(or whatever its called) did 4 rounds with a small bar,15kg, 10 squats-hold squat for 10 sec-5 jumps( all with a bar) rest for 15 sec
Then on to proper bar. Started with just a bar-20kg/15 reps. The added 2/15kg plates -12reps. Then changed 2/20kg-8reps. Then added 2/5kg total weight 70 kg- 8 reps 2rounds.
Then on to leg raise starting with 52kg 12 reps, then adding more 2plates one by one with 12 reps each, then another 8 rounds of 8 reps with each plate in descending order.(8/52kg,8/45kg & etc & ofcourse with the help of my PT) and almost fell off my feet, had to seat still for a few minutes before I could walk again LOL
Then some light cardio to get blood into my tired legs and proper stretch and a roll. I hope I will be able to walk tomorrow :))

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Push Ups with a bad to

I think push ups are cool and I am in awe of people who can do them. I struggle to do them because of my injured wrist. I had a surgery previously on it, plus I suspect something like RSI. I can do 5 to 10 on a fresh wrist, and about 3, after doing any kind of exercise that involves the use of the wrist.  AND I have to do an adjustment. I do push ups on my knuckles/fingers, too painful to do on a flat palm.
The push ups I was doing on the pic, were done at the end of my weight training. It was chest day, so heavy dumbells 10-12kg flys and press ups. So obviously, with every 3rd push up I was falling flat on my face :)))

Sunday 10 February 2013

What I like for breakfast...

I believe breakfast must be very filling. It is most important meal of the day, has to fuel you for the day to come. It's like...your body is a car... For example, you are going to drive from London to Manchester. What do you do? You fill your cars gas tank before you start your journey and top up as needed on the way. You don't fill up your gas tank at the end of your trip, as you reach your destination, are you? So you should swap what you eat and amount you eat for dinner with breakfast. Big filling breakfast with proteins, and dinner should be light.
One of my favorite breakfast, since I have started my training, is : natural yogurt with a spoon of peanut butter and almond butter, all mixed together. I also recently started to ad a scoop of protein powder. Right now I use MP's unflavoured protein powder. The taste of it actually reminds me of dried milk we used to eat when we were kids :)))

Friday 8 February 2013

Back workout

Did a short session, worked on a back. 

6 rounds-set of two: palms down bent over row 30-50kg X 12, Free Weights Dumbbell Bench Bent Over Row,I think it was 16 or 18kg (grrr don't remember, VERY hectic day) X 12. Finished them of with a few rounds on a pull down machines. 

And finished session with Zuzka Light's Tight Abs Workout , managed to do exactly 3 rounds in that 10 min ..Which was AWESOME!Considering :))... Cardio and core and back and arms and legs= the whole lot. Was lying flat for a few minutes, could not move lol
 Love to train y'all :)

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Beach fun :)

Travel and play

 When we travel, and we do quite a lot during summer, we do not carry our toys with us. We get them as we go along. Just a little of imagination, and don't forget: kids find many simple things to be very interesting :)
That is one example, just buy a pack of plastic glasses/cups and use them as building blocks. Then, make a ball out of foil or a paper, and knock them down. Fun even for the adults ;)

Saturday 2 February 2013

Food diary: Saturday

Weekends, they are most challenging for me when it comes to food. Due to the weather these wet winter months we tend to stay indoors. And when I'm home I tend to loose control on snacking. Keep going to the kitchen and just eat everything...
So today, I will write a blog entry as a food diary, hopefully it will help me to stay in control. Also, we are going out to visit a friend. I will be adding and editing this post as I eat during today.
#Breakfast 8.30am: scramble eggs with half a sausage on a bed of lettuce and orange pepper. Size of egg portion was of a size of my palm. And I am a strong believer to have protein for breakfast. As I'm not working out later, I'm not having any carbs.
Missed lunch as were busy running around, just grabbed 1 small bite of kid's flapjack.
At 4pm early #dinner over at my friend: stewed venison with steamed veggies in a small bowl, passed on the rice. A Clementine and some popcorn for a dessert.