Monday 28 March 2011

Breastfeeding in the Land of Genghis Khan | InCultureParent

Breastfeeding.... Soo many opinions, advice, views, do's and dont's ... I breastfed my first daughter until she was 13 months old and she stopped on her own, I was pregnant 4 weeks with my second baby. The second child I was, well still am breastfeeding, And she is coming on 3. Yes 3 years old! I did stopped when she was around 2 and a half, for four months she was begging me to give it to her. Not demanding, but very gently and politely. My heart was breaking. If even after 4 months your child still asks for it that surely means that she really really needs it?! Everyone was telling me that I did the right thing and it is ridiculous to breastfeed her even as long as I did. I went to the GP about my acne and when she wanted to prescribe me something I told her that I'm breastfeeding, she looked at me like I'm an idiot and told me to quit. I asked her why? She said: '' the child is too old''. I left the office immediately with out saying a word, was so angry!
And after four months of not breastfeeding and her pledges ... it didn't feel right to me. And then she broke her arm! In the hospital she didn't get any painkillers and it was soo painful after the twisting the technicians did on her arm for an x-ray She was screaming with pain. She asked me for a breast and I gave it to her! So, she will be 3 in two months time and we are back breastfeeding on demand after 4 months break.
The article I have stumbled upon is fantastic. It is the best I have ever read about breastfeeding. My favourite part is: ''By Calum’s second year, I had fully realized just how useful breastfeeding could be. Nothing gets a child to sleep as quickly, relieves the boredom of a long car journey as well, or calms a breaking storm as swiftly as a little warm milk from mummy. It’s the lazy mother’s most useful parenting aid, and by now I thought I was using it to its maximum effect.''  I can relate to it 100%.
Please read the whole Article and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Breastfeeding in the Land of Genghis Khan | InCultureParent

Saturday 26 March 2011

Perfect morning

   Ahh, it was such a good morning-it was perfect! Our Daddy, even though he came from work at 2 am, had planned a surprise for us. Usually  I take my girls to the cinema every Saturday morning. We go to Cineworld, they have a  choice of three movies/cartoons for kids for £1 per person on Saturdays. But last night we were told that daddy will take us to another cinema, he had already bought the tickets and the whatever we were watching starts at 9.45 am! 
     We got up, got ready, then Daddy joined us and off we went. It was 3D A Turtle's Tale.A sea turtle who was hatched in 1959 spends the next 50 years travelling the world while it is being changed by global warming. I saw a few 3D movies and animations and this one is by far the best one I have seen! K kept trying to catch the fishes and I couldn't stop from trying myself to catch or touch something lol The story was quite interesting too. Made us laugh quite a few times :)  I would definitely  recommend it to go to see with your kids, just to note that if your child is very impressionable or easily scared, there are a few scenes with sharks snapping in your face and because of 3D effect it is in YOUR face, even I jumped.   
      Girls were so happy to have Daddy with us because it does not happen often. And when it does it's because mummy bugged him for ours or even days ;) So the morning was perfect for me because he was the one who took us, his initiative <3   
      After the cinema Daddy went home to sleep before he has to go back to work and I took the girls to the library. We love our library and spend ours in there. We read books, sometimes other kids join, seat next to us and listen :)  When they have enough of reading they go to play with other kids or pretend that they can read themselves :)  
      If you noticed I have used a lot of smiley faces in the post today... I wish to every one of you to smile as much as possible. It changes the world around you and better for your, tired mommas nervs :) Many happy smiles , peace out! 

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Storm is coming.....

Storm is coming..... by tigrisj
Storm is coming..... a photo by tigrisj on Flickr.
That is one of my favourite places in Greece. We used to go camping there every summer. The beach name is Melani, situated in Pelion on the Aegean Sea side. The sand is coarse, more like made out of very fine stone/gravel. Its popular with campers from Germany, Austria and Greeks themselves. That photo I took early in the morning, about 7 am. Every one was asleep in their tents, my hubby, his mum, his two cousins with their children. I tried to wake every one up and warn them that we have to get moving as the storm is coming but they all ignored me. So I stayed out with my 12 months old daughter  and watched as the sea raised and the waives reached the tents and went in. It was funny to see them running out of their tents in shock lol
We usually went during the week as it was quite empty but on Friday evening more tents appear and Saturdays' mornings when you coming out of your tent you'll see lots of new tents and many people sleeping just in their sleeping bags with no tents at all :)
I like it so much there that I even went camping there with my mother in low and we shared a tent every week end for a few weeks lol Every one was telling me that I'm mad! Just Me, K and my mother in low.
 My most memorable moment probably is... - when it was just me and MDH, in the morning about 6:30 I poped my head out of the tent and there was a naked bum right in front of me! Some German lady was doing her,I think Tai Chi, nude just in front of our tent lol lol
Panoramic view of the beach here.

Some more pics from Melani


Blue tent was ours, silver y mother's in low :)

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Day with random fun :)

OMG! I am sooo tired.... My little one was waking me up at 6 am every morning for the last 5 days. I am getting like 4-5 hours sleep right now and every evening I would say to myself:'' after kids are asleep I am gonna post this and that on my blog!'' But I kept falling asleep in the kids bedroom...

  I had an invitation to check out LA Fitness at Muswell Hill for free(they do a promotion 3 days free pass, and then £54 a month- uhh), so I took my girls and off we were. We tried their swimming pool. I liked the changing rooms, they were clean and tidy, had a play pan for the smaller child while mummy's getting changed, lots of stations with hair dryers, but only one changing cabin if you want some privacy. Nice hot showers with soap/shampoo dispenser in case you don't have your own. Clean toilets. Ah! and they have plastic bags if you want to put your wet stuff into.
 The pool room was quite small but I liked it because it was very warm!  We had fun, lots of laugh and a work out for the girls :) Now I have to report back to V's physiotherapist about few things I have observed.

Alexandra Palace view
 When we left the pool, it was very warm outside and me being random and spontaneous...  We popped into M&S and went into Alexandra Palace forest/park. Spent about 4 hours walking around the park, playing at the play ground, scaring ducks and geese at the pond and watching deer.
 The girls fell asleep so quick once we got home and had dinner, I wish I could go to sleep too... But have lots of things to do.
 Best wishes to all of you xoxo May you have lots of fun days :)

Wednesday 16 March 2011

A Giveaway - £20 to spend on anything you want at CSN stores!

I've been offered to give away a £20 voucher to spend in any of  the 6 CSN stores. So I have checked their on-line shops and they do have pretty interesting stuff. Myself am interested in bedroom furniture  as I have been looking for beds for my girls. But at the moment can't find anything that we can agree on. K is demanding for a bed to be with Disney's princesses theme, but I can not find anything that will fit in their bedroom in double exemplar.
While I was surfing their stores I saw pretty cool beds for boys! If I had a boy I bet he would just loved them lol

For the chance to win the £20 voucher:

  •  Become a follower via Google Friend Connect and comment below(1st entry)
  • Let your friends on Twitter know about the giveaway, comment below(2nd entry)
  • Tell me what do you think about the wall art I posted below(3rd entry)

Closing date is on April 6. The winner will be picked randomly using Random Picker
Technically the giveaway can be opened to readers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. However, due to shipping restrictions, if the winner is from the US/Canada they must use their gift certificate code (which would then be $30) on one of their 200+ US websites and if a winner from Germany they must use the gift certificate code (which would then be €20) on one of their 4 German websites.

If I had the voucher I probably would have used it on any of the wall art they have. Free delivery on all of them!  These are my faves:
If you have a music room or studio...

Bedroom or dressing room?

Above the bed or sofa?

I just love the colours! I think I'd put it in a living room where the sunlight would hit it :)


I'm not sure where, but I like it!
Good Luck :)

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Green People

Last month I have finally found children's toothpaste which does not taste like peppermint or has a kilo of sugar in it. I have discovered Green People!  Their ORGANIC MANDARIN children toothpaste is a hit with both of my girls. But it wasn't in the beginning.  Why they were not impressed? The colour! It looks like a wall filler from DIY shop, grey mass. It took me about 5 min of ''lecture'' on how bad the pink stuff is(K's old one), that it gives her a stomach ache if she swallows etc and how good and healthy the grey one is. If she swallows it it is Ok, she does not even have to rinse her mouth after brushing.Please just try?!
And finally she did and the whole tube was gone in 2 weeks time! It is too tasty lol
With my 2 year old it took 2 weeks to get near her mouth with the new paste... But again, once she tried she loved it. A friend of mine who lives in US bought one as well for her daughter, she couldn't find it on sale in US so she bought it on e-bay. 
Today,Tuesday, I have received our second tube, it was ordered on Friday. And while writing the post I went to their site and they have an offer on it Buy 4 children's mandarin toothpastes get 2 free!  Damn! Why they didn't have it last Friday?!  oh well, i hope they will have this offer on coming Friday then I will be able to take it.
Happy and healthy smiles for everyone! 

Really fruity taste, great for encouraging kids to brush! An excellent choice for children who dislike mint.
  • Gentle on delicate teeth and gums
  • 100% natural and safe - free from SLS and Fluoride
  • Removes plaque and reduces bacterial regrowth
  • Protective antioxidant action on gums
  • No hydrocarbon or aluminium contamination
This natural toothpaste is made without Fluoride, SLS, Triclosan, Sorbitol, Parabens, phthalates, artificial sweeteners, petrochemicals and colourants to bring you the purest children's toothpaste that nature can offer.
Suitable for vegans and vegetarianseally fruity taste, great for encouraging kids to brush! An excellent choice for children who dislike mint.

Today's freebies :D

Free Ben & Jerrys Fair Trade Bag
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just click the get started button to begin designing your cotton bag with your own photos or text. You need to pay a small p&p charge but its a pretty cool freebie so I thought it was well worth posting. I have used Vista prints many times and def recommend. 

Monday 14 March 2011

At home SPA day for my acne ;)

Monday... We stayed in today doing pretty much nothing. I gave up on keeping the house spotless clean a long time ago, keeping it relatively clean but the mess seems to never end. I have tidied up 3 times today but it still messy. I've tried everything, I think, to teach my girls to put things away when they don't use them any more but ... they still don't!!  Any recommendations????

Anyways... Girls asked for a smoothie and their today's recipe was: juiced apples, pears, plums and carrots mixed with  smoothed banana and strawberry. Yum! And when I was tidying up after the making I looked at the bums of strawberries and remembered my aunt. She used to smother strawberries and other fresh foods all over her face :) So I took the leftovers,mashed them with a fork,added some raw unpasteurised honey, pure Pearl powder and Calcium Bentonite Clay. Spread on my face with fan mask brush and left it for I-don't-know-may-be-an-hour (but usually 15-20 min). After rinsing I put an Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant's leaf. Check here for more details on it. at the moment my skin looks quite good but the acne parts look worse.As they say - ''people notice that their acne appears to worsen before it improves.  Don't panic if this happens to you!  This is a good thing!''  I do hope so!!!

P.S. I have suffered with adult acne for almost 2 years now. It came with my first period when my youngest daughter was 11 months old. I have tried Dermalogica, Clinic (thats the one I will go back to if natural stuff won't work), Clearasil, pharmaceutical, prescribed by GP  and many other ones. I am on the mission to find the cure!

Sunday 13 March 2011

Like this page and they will donate $1 to Japan for search and rescue dogs.

Like this page and they will donate $1 to Japan for search and rescue dogs.
Follow the link to the Facebook page and like them. Simple way to help those in need.

Saturday 12 March 2011

What's life in a baby buggy like?

Have you ever wandered why your child does not like to ride in a buggy? Or at least some of you.. 
         Last month I have attended a course for parents about How to talk to your baby. It was a 2 day course but unfortunately I was able to attend only the first-theory day.
One thing out of many caught my attention was the mentioning of the stress for the child in a forward facing buggy. 
There is even  an extract from the longer video produced by Norland College to highlight how it feels for a baby to ride in a forward-facing buggy.

Research published by Talk To Your Baby in November 2008 examined interactions between parents and infants in face-to-face and away-facing buggies. The research was carried out by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, developmental psychologist at the University of Dundee.
Zeedyk emphasised that the study was small and required further investigation, but said: "If babies are spending significant amounts of time in a baby buggy that undermines their ability to communicate with their parent, at an age when the brain is developing more than it will ever again, then this has to impact negatively on their development. Our experimental study showed that, simply by turning the buggy around, parents' rate of talking to their baby doubled."

More information on the topic you can find HERE

Thursday 10 March 2011

Trip to Great Ormond Str Hospital and the kids are my HEROES!!

Who needs an alarm clock? V woke me up as usual at 6 am. Surprisingly we managed to get ready pretty fast. First time in months got to the Nursery before 9am, 8:45 to be exact! We dropped K and went on on our first time journey to the GOSH. We came to the x-ray department as was instructed in a letter and were told to wait for somebody to get us. And what do you know V fell asleep. Well because V was asleep I took the liberty to look around on my own. They had really good waiting area with lots and lots of different activities for children of all ages. Stuff to draw, stuff to make, puzzles, computer games(2 stations), big flat screen TV, soft corner for under 2s and many more...
Then a young guy came over, he was our 'test taker'. He took us to a different building and the lab guy started to try to guess where am I from. First choice of course -Poland, then Albania(really?), then Bulgaria then something else and then I had to stop him and tell him- its LATVIA! He was like:'' I would have never  guessed!'' And I decided against of asking -WHY.
Once we arrived to the different building, there I saw lots of children with different disabilities and illnesses. We had an opportunity to interact with some of them while we were waiting for the sweat to be collected from the probe(see yesterdays post). 
These kids are my HEROES! We adults have so much to learn from them!!  With all the stuff they have to deal and live with they never complain! They are so strong and full of life. When adults get sick they moan and moan and are miserable and pitying  themselves ... Children- don't! They play, have fun and live as best as they can. These children will always be my INSPIRATION!

About V's test- now we have to wait for her paediatrician to tell us the results. Hoping and believing all is good and we will get a negative on it

So when you have a cold or a headache - it will go away! Or even a broken bone- it will heal. Don't concentrate on it and you will feel better! Take these kids as an example - keep smiling and live your life to the fullest xoxo
My daughter has her arm in a cast(from shoulder to her fingers), but it does not stop her from doing crazy things, she still is ready to climb the mountains lol 

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Tomorrow my little V is going to have a Sweat Test at Great Ormond Street Hospital( It is number 1 children hospital in UK).
First I will have to take K to the nursery at 9am then rush to the hospital to be there at 10.
The sweat  test is:

Sweat test

A sweat test is used to diagnose cystic fibrosis. During the test, medicine that causes sweating is applied with a gauze pad to either the arm or the thigh. A mild electrical current pushes the medicine into the skin to cause the child to sweat. The sweat is collected, and then the salt content of the sweat (sodium and/or chloride) is measured.
Why is She going to have one? Thats what I have found on cystic fibrosis:
  • Children who have cystic fibrosis almost always have breathing problems and frequent lung infections( V has chest infection every month for 2nd year in a row.)
  • Children who have cystic fibrosis may not be able to absorb nutrients from food and may have below-normal growth and development. Weight loss and difficulty gaining or maintaining weight are common problems for people of all ages who have cystic fibrosis.( My V has severe speech and language delay, poor appetite, she is underweight)

There is no cure for cystic fibrosis. Management of the disease varies from person to person and generally focuses on treating respiratory and digestive problems to prevent infection and other complications. Treatment usually involves a combination of medicines and home treatment methods, such as respiratory and nutritional therapies.

God I hope the test will be negative! It is so hard to watch your child being ill...
Wish us luck!

Sunday 6 March 2011

Hate ironing but THIS makes it so much better!

I really really don't like ironing! But then after I've used an ironing water bought from the shop, I have decided to make one myself. What I do is take water, I use filtered from my BRITA(to avoid lime-scale build up in your iron), put it in an empty mineral water bottle, mix  a few drops of essential oil(i like jasmine)with a few drops of vodka and add it to the water, shake it well and pour it in the iron. When I iron and the steam comes out it smells sooooo nice. I put only 2-3 drops for the iron.
The other way to do it if you are worried about your iron and have your cloths to smell nice is:
2 1/2 cups mineral or filtered  water (to avoid lime-scale) 
ml essential oils, of your own choice (do choose a clear and not dark coloured oil,approx 100 drops)
1/8 cup vodka or any spirit with ethanol (surgical for ex)
1 In a small dish mix the vodka and the essential oil.
2 Add this to the distilled water and pour into a spray bottle
3 Shake before use
The mix will cloud, and eventually separate.Shake well before each use.

  • Here is another recipe: 

    Homemade Lavender Water Recipes

    Picture of Lavender Buds In Glass Jar - Tipnut.comLavender water can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Some ideas:
    • When washing bedding and linens, add some lavender water to the rinse cycle. Your bedding will have a light lavender scent (lavender helps those with sleep problems).
    • Use when ironing, spritz a bit of the lavender water on the items being ironed. Will add a nice lavender scent to the garment.
    • Lavender water can also be used as a beauty aid, try it as a skin freshener on hot summer days, a hair rinse, splash in the bath or dab around temples for headache relief.
    • Insect repellent, try it for mosquito repellent use as well as a mosquito bite itch helper. Lavender deters flies and other insects too.

    How To Make Lavender Water – Recipes

    Recipe #1
    Mason Jar
    Lavender Buds
    • Fill the glass jar with lavender and cover completely with vodka. Seal jar.
    • Place the jar in a sunny location for about 18 days, rotate and shake the jar each day–morning and night.
    • After 18 days, strain the lavender from the vodka and seal the liquid in a clean glass jar.
    • Use as needed.

  • Friday 4 March 2011


    • моет руки в кошачьей миске
    • наполовину торчит из стиральной машины
    • облизывает папины ботинки
    • сложил родительские носки в унитаз
    • размазывает мамину косметику по зеркалу, раскрашивая своё отражение
    • проверяет —
    не поселился ли кто в розетке?
    • прогрыз использованный чайный пакетик и тащит его за собой на веревочке, оставляя на полу мокрые чаинки
    • ест мамины глянцевые журналы
    • старательно обсасывает воткнутую в розетку зарядку для телефона
    • открывает дисковод у музыкального центра и пытается пристроиться на него попой
    • сложил все полюбившиеся вещицы в стиральную машину
    • вылизывает стаканчик из-под йогурта, только что выброшенный папой в мусорное ведро
    • ест из кошачьей миски
    • прячет мне в сумку свои игрушки
    • разлил где-то воду, скорее всего — на диван… и самозабвенно размазывает
    • отослал 84 пустых СМС на один и тот же номер
    • включает комп и попеременно нажимает кнопки DVD-ROM'а и «reset» — пока комп не сойдёт с ума
    • раскидал по полу диски из проката и топчет их ногами
    • звонит по маминому мобильнику или набирает 100-значный номер на городском телефоне
    • роется в дедушкиной тумбочке и разматывает 2 километра бинтов
    • размазал мамин крем для лица по полу
    • заботливо перекладывает чистое и глаженное бельё из ящиков комода в корзину для грязного белья
    • моет руки в унитазе
    • вырывает по одному листочки из маминого ежедневника
    • что-то очень усердно режет ножницами… (вырезаются причудливые фрагменты из надетой на нём же одежды, у штанов вырезаются отверстия(видимо — для вентиляции), режется постельное бельё, на белье — чудесные рюшечки, подстригаются собственные волосы на голове…)
    • отрывает цветы у комнатных фиалок — кукле нужен букет

    My girls did quite a few things from that list!! Beware!!
    Hahahahahaha Веселых выходных ! 

    Thursday 3 March 2011



    I just stumbled upon this offer and I think it's great!

     Thousands of free tickets to some of the country’s finest and most fascinating heritage attractions are being offered in Historic Scotland’s special Spring promotion.

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    Bliss - Free 3 Barry M Lipglosses & Maoam ChewTwo

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