Wednesday 23 January 2013

It's mine!

My youngest is picking on my salad. And now she took the whole bowl away from me! Hey, It's my dinner! You asked for fishfingers!... :))))

Lightly cooked broccoli, avocado, celery <3 ,tomato, cucumber, home grown and made olives and olive oil.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Last years photos :) fitness/body related ;)

Some recent photos :))

Very first post :)

What will be my very first post about? Well... I think... how come?
I have been sportive all my life, since my mum signed me up for a Ball Room dancing when I was about 5 years old.
 When I was 18, I used to go to the gym which was run by man who was a bodybuilding champion in Latvia and his wife, who I think held the title of Strongest woman of Latvia. Can't remember their names :( Anyhow, they used to bug me, were trying to get me to do bodybuilding. At that time I used to work as a croupier in a Casino, plus being only 18, of course I refused, on several occasions :))
 And now 14 years later, now living in UK, I get the same suggestions, actually a few options, or a fitness competitor or a figure, these two will suit my body type and lifestyle better. So I thought, why not to try? May be it is my destiny, if professionals in this sport are saying that I can do it, I will give it a go!
My major health problems to overcome and to work with are severe RSI, Diastasis Recti, and spine/back problems(some docs said spinal hernias when I was about 15y of age, slipped disks & etc in the past)

That was me summer 2011

That was me summer 2012, a bit heavier...

And that is my goal, Erin Stern is gorgeous!

2012 Arnold Classic Europe Figure Championship and Candids! With Arnold himself :)

Until now,for the last 14 years, all I did was body-weight training and light cardio at home and not regularly.
I have joined the gym about 10 months ago, but started heavy weight training only about 3 months ago, when I have agreed to go for a competition.
  So, wish me luck and you are welcome to follow my journey, comment, advise, support and so on ;))))
 Stay cool :)