Tuesday 22 March 2011

Day with random fun :)

OMG! I am sooo tired.... My little one was waking me up at 6 am every morning for the last 5 days. I am getting like 4-5 hours sleep right now and every evening I would say to myself:'' after kids are asleep I am gonna post this and that on my blog!'' But I kept falling asleep in the kids bedroom...

  I had an invitation to check out LA Fitness at Muswell Hill for free(they do a promotion 3 days free pass, and then £54 a month- uhh), so I took my girls and off we were. We tried their swimming pool. I liked the changing rooms, they were clean and tidy, had a play pan for the smaller child while mummy's getting changed, lots of stations with hair dryers, but only one changing cabin if you want some privacy. Nice hot showers with soap/shampoo dispenser in case you don't have your own. Clean toilets. Ah! and they have plastic bags if you want to put your wet stuff into.
 The pool room was quite small but I liked it because it was very warm!  We had fun, lots of laugh and a work out for the girls :) Now I have to report back to V's physiotherapist about few things I have observed.

Alexandra Palace view
 When we left the pool, it was very warm outside and me being random and spontaneous...  We popped into M&S and went into Alexandra Palace forest/park. Spent about 4 hours walking around the park, playing at the play ground, scaring ducks and geese at the pond and watching deer.
 The girls fell asleep so quick once we got home and had dinner, I wish I could go to sleep too... But have lots of things to do.
 Best wishes to all of you xoxo May you have lots of fun days :)


  1. Oh, you must be an exhausted mommy. I wouldn't function very well on that much sleep.

    Your park pictures are fun. I can't believe the deer were right by you. What a fun place!


  2. Thank you Janae :)
    Luckily it does not happen too often, Its just this week, hope not going to last for long haha

    It is an Alexandra Park in London. It is a great place and you can see whole London from the top of the park like on the palm of your hand :)