Friday 18 November 2011

Update on little V

My little V went to Greece with her Dad last Saturday. His mom had arrange for her to see some doctors over there. On Monday she saw an Orthopedist. When daddy called me with the news, bad ones, I got very angry with NHS AGAIN!
Seriously. How many times they will misdiagnose my little baby and continuously miss the symptoms?? First about the cause of her recurring chest infections ( wrote about it in may) and now about her walk.
My V is resting, she is so sweet and kind girl
She has had a funny walk since he first steps, which by the way were very late, at about 15 months. Yes, they checked manually her joints on several occasions, send her for physiotherapy  but all these years they failed to notice that apparently both of her legs the hip joints are dislocated, femoral head is out of the cartridge on both sides and apparently it was like that since birth.What?? Well, that's what the doctor in Greece said after he took X-Ray of her hips. She was never sent for X-Ray here in London. The doctor also said that she requires surgery on both hips to correct it.
 Immediately after the call I phoned to V's pediatrician but she is away till the end of the month. Then I phoned to V's physiotherapist and she sounded surprised   that V never had  X-Ray here and advised me to call V's consultant from Neurological development clinic and so I did. Last time we saw a consultant was about 2 weeks before that for the first time.Before her it was a different consultant and he was Greek. She referred V to neurologist at Great Ormond Street and requested more blood test for muscle enzymes and something else. So I call her and Thank God she was at the office. I explained to her what I was told by V's Dad and she was quick to respond. She advised me for the Dad to get the reports from Greece and as soon as they are back, take them to the CDC and leave them at reception so she can do a referral on the basis of these reports to Orthopedics here in London.
         Someone from the system advised me to put in an official complains and may be even sue the NHS. But where do I start?? It's not just one doctor, it's a whole bunch of them as over the years we saw many and all of them failed to pick up on the little things which I constantly was trying to point out but was ignored...
        But I am so proud of my beautiful courageous girl. She is a survivor and a miracle. As the doctor who had finally discovered the cause of her chest infection said, it is a miracle that V is alive and adapted to her condition all on her own.  I am so proud of her and love her oh so much. Can't wait for her to come back and give her lots of hugs and kisses.

P.S. Did you know that brazil nuts contain a tiny trace of a radioactive substance called radium, so are slightly radioactive. The radiation that you are exposed to during a typical chest X-ray is the same dose that you would receive if you ate four bags of brazil nuts but it does not say how big are the bags...


  1. Its terrible!! i have no words to describe this!! its not just your situation disturbing but my frind had a lovley baby boy 3 years ago at his birth they (doctors) dislocated his shoulder!!!! They told her what's wrong with her baby only on day 3after birth! They said its ok he will be fine he just had difficult birth and forceps done it! now boy 3 year old can't raise his arm above his head he has damidged nerves on shoulder basically they were torn!!!
    Im glad Greek doc picked up now on this when she is still little and growing! Goood luck to all of you and be strong xx Olga

  2. It's terrible about your friend's boy Olga! It's like you can't trust the doctors but then you don't really have the choice do you?

  3. Thats true we don't have a choice ... and its not true that we have free med care im paying from my wages every month alot for this!! I have to say privat doctors disepointed me too paying alot of money they still can't find what is wrong with my health ... feels like nobody cares at all.... feels sometimes Mr ,,paracitamol,, will safe the world...