Monday 28 May 2012

Why I am dreaming about an open plan kitchen...

So , I was in the kitchen doing dinner. All prepared and put in an oven. I think to my self, now I have 5 min to relax. Ahhh. I take my book and enter the living room... And what do I see? No wander that at 32,  50% of my hair are grey...
First K totally freaks me out by saying non chalante : "Mom, I have a bead in my nose." Oh no, it was so deep! But I made her blow her nose and thank god it came out after the 4th blow. "Next time we will go to the hospital to cut it out, so hopefully there won't be next time!?" "No mummy, there won't. I don't know why I did it..."
Then I see that V nicked a bag of split lentils from the kitchen and its all over the sofa and the whole room :S  :'(
That is why I dream about an open plan kitchen, so I can keep an eye on my naughty angels.

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