Wednesday 13 March 2013

Eating before training

Yesterday my training session sucked! I was getting tired very quickly, was feeling dizzy and weak. I had a lunch an hour before my session, it didn't have any carbs. Just fish and veggies like carrots and broccoli. And due to some circumstances, I had no breakfast. So, my 12 o'clock lunch was the only food I have eaten prior the gym.
 Today, I had 4 eggs for breakfast with celery, coriander and dill, they are my FAVORITE herbs ever! I put them everywhere in abundance :)) And then for lunch, I know! many will judge, but just had no other option... drum roll please!... I had a chicken wrap from... McDonalds :p  I have had a VERY busy and hectic morning with hospital appointments with my daughter and so on... It was the easiest and fastest option... Anyhow
 I was impressed with myself at the gym! I have beaten my personal record! Hehe. It was a back day, started with dead lifts. As usual, for a warm up just a bar 15 reps, then about 50kg 12reps then a few rounds more and up to 80kg. If last time I have only managed to do only 2 reps, today I did all 80kg 8 reps! And managed to do 90kg twice! Yea baby :DDD
 Chicken wrap=POWER! LOL LOL
P.S. Note to myself: NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!

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