Thursday 9 May 2013

Victoria has got her special needs buggy!!

We were tremendously surprised at the response friends and family and even extended friends of friends gave toward the FundRazr. It has been truly humbling.
We want to thank you for your participation weather it was via donations, sharing or wishing us luck. Whatever you did, you did a great thing which will be very greatly appreciated. 
It is only a beginning for Victoria, she still has a lot of challenges to overcome and will need help and support on her journey. 
But for now here are some pics of her with her new buggy. It was tested out the same day we got it! I picked her up from school and we went through the woods on the way to her after-school class to test it. It was fantastic! 
Thank You!  Thank You!     Thank You!        Thank You!     Thank You!     Thank You!     Thank You!     

And here is a copy of an original quotation for the buggy cost. 

Qty I Unit Product Product 
Size Code Descri tion 
1 I No KA1802/1 Kangoo All Terrain Buggy with Height Adj Handles Size 2 
Frame Colour: Silver 
1 I No IKA1812 [Seat Shell Unit Size 2 
Seat Cushioning Colour: Red Sides/Blue Inner 
1 I Pair IKA1865/2 I Rear Mag Wheels 20" - 3 Colour 
1 No KA1865/5 Single Front Mag Wheel 20" - 3 Colour 
Mag Wheel Colour: 3 Colour 
1 No KA1828/4 - 360 degree Swivel 9" Spoked Front Wheel
1 No KA1869/2 Headrest with Side Blocks Size 2 
1 No KA1833 5 Point Harness System 
1 No 410005 2 Point Dual Pull Hip Belt 
1 No KA182M6 Medium Footrest 
1 No KA1877 Enlargement/Shortening Seat for Footrest 
1 No KA1830 Sun Cover and Netting Size 2 
1 No KA1829/2 Raincover Size 2 
1 No KA1827 Bike Trailer Extension Set 

Price £ 

Note: I Frame price now include cost of drum brakes fitted. 
Delivery details: I Swiftstyle handover and set-up 
Total 3,536.59
Carriage 0.00
Sub- Total 3,536.59
VAT @ 0 0.00
Grand Total 3,536.59

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