Wednesday 4 December 2013

Home made playdough

          My kids love playdough. And I have been making my own for so many years... It all started when they were little and used to put and chew things, any things... And one day at my daughters nursery I found out that they use their own made playdough. The nursery does not buy any, just cook one in the kitchen :) How cool is that! I thought. So I went on line and found so many recipes, its hard to choose from. You can add glitter, aromatic/essential oils for sense of smell, glow in a dark paint, tiny beads or coloured sugars for texture...Store it in airtight container or plastic bag with seal zip and it will last for weeks. And here are the links to our favourite ones:
Here is the video with great instructions and easy to follow

Here are some great ideas

Here is a cool idea

Leave a comment with your favourite recipe :)
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