Tuesday 20 May 2014

Proud Mummy Moment :)

My little V is using a communication devise to speak. Or rather is learning to use it ;)
Today was very very very proud mummy moment. She can not speak. The only word she is able to say is 'Mama'. She can't speak due to oropharyngeal dysphagia as one of the symptoms of her undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder. Not being able to speak is a missing link in language development. It so much harder to learn/understand the concept of letter-sound. Reading-writing etc. She will be 6 next month, she is in year1 in school. 
Today as she was fiddling with her communication devise, she spelled a short sentence and to be honest I did not expect her to be able to spell any single word except 'mom' and 'dad'. But OH MY did she surprise me, she actually spelled a sentence! And then she signed what she wrote. Love her to bits!
Here is the video of her doing it :) 

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