Wednesday 21 May 2014

Yummy salad with grapefruit and chicken

I love grapefruit. Just got home very hungry, but didn't want to cook much. Looked around my kitchen, scratched my head and threw a salad together. It does require some cooking, but nothing too complicated or time consuming.
Chicken breast
Baby tomatoes
Fresh Coriander leaves
Clove of garlic
Seasoning of your choice

Put quinoa to cook and chicken breast on grill(or fry steam) . While it's cooking, chop the grapefruit, coriander leaves( I use amount the size of my palm), garlic, tomatoes. Put in a salad dish. Drain cooked quinoa and rinse with cold water, add to the dish. Chopp the chicken and add to your salad. I season with salt and cayenne pepper, sprinkle with a little bit of olive oil and it's ready to eat. I find it's very yummy and filling. Enough for two main meals.
Enjoy your meal!
P.S. quantity of each ingredient put to your own taste.

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