Saturday 2 February 2013

Food diary: Saturday

Weekends, they are most challenging for me when it comes to food. Due to the weather these wet winter months we tend to stay indoors. And when I'm home I tend to loose control on snacking. Keep going to the kitchen and just eat everything...
So today, I will write a blog entry as a food diary, hopefully it will help me to stay in control. Also, we are going out to visit a friend. I will be adding and editing this post as I eat during today.
#Breakfast 8.30am: scramble eggs with half a sausage on a bed of lettuce and orange pepper. Size of egg portion was of a size of my palm. And I am a strong believer to have protein for breakfast. As I'm not working out later, I'm not having any carbs.
Missed lunch as were busy running around, just grabbed 1 small bite of kid's flapjack.
At 4pm early #dinner over at my friend: stewed venison with steamed veggies in a small bowl, passed on the rice. A Clementine and some popcorn for a dessert.

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