Wednesday 27 February 2013

Leg day

Had 5 min cardio warm-up then stretch and while waiting for the bar station(or whatever its called) did 4 rounds with a small bar,15kg, 10 squats-hold squat for 10 sec-5 jumps( all with a bar) rest for 15 sec
Then on to proper bar. Started with just a bar-20kg/15 reps. The added 2/15kg plates -12reps. Then changed 2/20kg-8reps. Then added 2/5kg total weight 70 kg- 8 reps 2rounds.
Then on to leg raise starting with 52kg 12 reps, then adding more 2plates one by one with 12 reps each, then another 8 rounds of 8 reps with each plate in descending order.(8/52kg,8/45kg & etc & ofcourse with the help of my PT) and almost fell off my feet, had to seat still for a few minutes before I could walk again LOL
Then some light cardio to get blood into my tired legs and proper stretch and a roll. I hope I will be able to walk tomorrow :))

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