Tuesday 28 February 2017

Cold Press Juicer

Helooo helo helo helo It's been a while, ha?!

Well, it is going to be a short post. Just a recommendation for a juicer if your budget is stretched.
Couple of years back my Phillips juicer had cracked and sharp pieces of plastic flew all over my kitchen, I almost got stubbed by one in my throat. But thank God just a little bruise as a casualty.

After that I got myself a Juica cold press juicer. My budget is small and it was on offer. On their official website it was cheaper than in Argos. I got it for £70. It is compact, takes a little space in my tiny kitchen. It is easy to clean. But I can only compare to my previous Phillips juicer.

So... It has been three years and it still is running like on the first day. I'm very happy with it. The pulp comes out quite dry, sometimes I even put the pulp through second round, but... if you do do that, prepare to drink very fiberous drink. It does not strain clear as a regular juicer does.

For Example: I love doing and drinking Ginger Shots. 

Or I don't even remember what is inside but the ratio dry pulp to juice is good. 

Amazon has got some offers on it right now

Happy tasty juicing everyone :D