Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My post work out protein shake

That is my protein shake I had after gym ;) Steamed barbecue chicken breast, prawns and celery. Nothing else. Yummy <3

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gluten free buckwheat mini muffins/cakes

Lately I have been experimenting with buckwheat. I LOVE buckwheat, grew up on it. Back in a part of the world where  I happen to grow up, buckwheat is as common as rise in Asia. But only as a grain, to make a kind of porridge. Cook it savory to go on a side with meats or stews, or kids favorite-sprinkle with a lot of sugar and add milk, kind like cereal. At some point, for some short time (about 20 years ago) Kelloggs made a cereal from it. Was my favourite.
  About a year ago I have discovered a buckwheat flour. And was doing pancakes with it. But now I got hooked on trying doing other things with it. Due to my training, and health issues (wheat intolerance) I'm gone wheat free, which in most cases/recipes goes along with gluten free.
A bit about buckwheat. While many people think that buckwheat is a cereal grain, it is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel making it a suitable substitute for grains for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain protein glutens. Buckwheat also contains almost 86 milligrams of magnesium in a one-cup serving. Magnesium relaxes blood vessels, improving blood flow and nutrient delivery while lowering blood pressure—the perfect combination for a healthy cardiovascular system. Buckwheat is a very good source of manganese and a good source of magnesium, copper, and dietary fiber. Buckwheat contains two flavonoids with significant health-promoting actions: rutin and quercetin. The protein in buckwheat is a high quality protein, containing all eight essential amino acids, including lysine.

So here's a recipe for my mini muffins/fairy cakes.
Makes about 30 mini cases. I used 150gr Dove plain gluten free flour and 150gr of Buckwheat flour.
300gr of flour.
300gr of softened butter (can be replaced with coconut oil or other)
2tbsp of unrefined sugar whichever you like (of course you can add more sugar to your liking)
Vanilla, I use half the stalk.
2tsp of baking powder
4 eggs
6 tbsp of milk
Cream butter, sugar and vanilla until fluffy. Beat in the egg one by one. Followed by the baking powder, flour and milk. Dived between the cases and bake in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes. Gas mark 4.
I use very little sugar. For kids I let them ice/decorate, or put jam on them or in. 
For parties, I put skittles inside when butter in a case, and a marshmallow.
You can use this recipe to make Gluten free Victoria sponge.
For me, I eat them instead of bread.

                       Here is an idea on using wholegrain buckwheat in a salad  

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

If I did it, you MOST definitely can do it too!

Ok, what are the usual excuses? Believe me I have them all!
*Had two kids. Born with 4.300 kg & 4 kg (over 9 pound babies)
* Diastasis Recti 4 fingers wide
* A mess of a pelvic floor, incontinence and prolapse
* Bad metabolism
* Fat genes
* Lazy
* Undisciplined
* Hardly motivated
* Love food! My favourite is Sweet Chilli chicken wrap from McDonald's
* No support from friends or family
* No social life
* Child with disability
* Suffer with depression
* Binge eater
* Weak knees, bad back(injures in childhood), very bad and weak wrist, can't run or much of any cardio-can't breath and get very dizzy
* No space, tiny flat
* Get bored easily

But I have done it! And I am keep doing it! I used to be 90kg (198+ pounds) before I had kids.
And I have closed my diastasis recti from 4 fingers wide to only a half a finger.
It took time, a year at least, and I'm still work in progress. But don't rush! I was taking just one day at a time. I'm not one of those super humans who make a goal, make a plan and stick to it religiously. No, that's not me, this kind of approach stresses me out and I get depressed. No, I'm taking baby steps, day by day. And it works for me, it worked for me so far.
I feel better, stronger, helthier. My kids are joining me. They asking questions about healthy eating choices, what food will make them stronger, faster, give them beautiful hair. They join me with my exercises and make up their own and put me through them :))))
Involve your kids, let them join you and copy you alongside. Have fun with it! Don't take it too seriously!
Enjoy yourself!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Food journey - recipe

Wanted to share a yummy healthy recipe of a salad. It can be either a snack or a main meal, depends on a size of your portion.
So it goes:
*Mixed greens. Whatever you prefer, I use spinach, rocket and watercress.
*Different coloured peppers. I used 1/2 of yellow & 1/2 red.
*Wild rice, I had leftovers from my lunch previous day( The other day I had a salmon steak with wild rise and green salad) .Some times I use buckwheat instead.
* Virgin olive oil. Season to taste.
Enjoy your meal :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Muscle growth!

Yeah I can think of one place where it will promote muscle growth very quickly :)))

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eating before training

Yesterday my training session sucked! I was getting tired very quickly, was feeling dizzy and weak. I had a lunch an hour before my session, it didn't have any carbs. Just fish and veggies like carrots and broccoli. And due to some circumstances, I had no breakfast. So, my 12 o'clock lunch was the only food I have eaten prior the gym.
 Today, I had 4 eggs for breakfast with celery, coriander and dill, they are my FAVORITE herbs ever! I put them everywhere in abundance :)) And then for lunch, I know! many will judge, but just had no other option... drum roll please!... I had a chicken wrap from... McDonalds :p  I have had a VERY busy and hectic morning with hospital appointments with my daughter and so on... It was the easiest and fastest option... Anyhow
 I was impressed with myself at the gym! I have beaten my personal record! Hehe. It was a back day, started with dead lifts. As usual, for a warm up just a bar 15 reps, then about 50kg 12reps then a few rounds more and up to 80kg. If last time I have only managed to do only 2 reps, today I did all 80kg 8 reps! And managed to do 90kg twice! Yea baby :DDD
 Chicken wrap=POWER! LOL LOL
P.S. Note to myself: NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Two ingredient cookies

I have found a fantastic cookie recipe! It's quick to prepare, cooked in 15 min, has only TWO main ingredients and you can have any adds in you want!
What you will need:
2 over ripen bananas
1 cup of quick oats
Mash up bananas with oats, add if you want raisins, nuts etc. Or dont add anything else, they still will be fab. You can also add your protein powder but will need little bit more banana to keep it moist.
Then spoon it on a GREASED paper and bake for about 15 min.
I LOVED them and my kids too, they ate a whole lot :)))

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Leg day

Had 5 min cardio warm-up then stretch and while waiting for the bar station(or whatever its called) did 4 rounds with a small bar,15kg, 10 squats-hold squat for 10 sec-5 jumps( all with a bar) rest for 15 sec
Then on to proper bar. Started with just a bar-20kg/15 reps. The added 2/15kg plates -12reps. Then changed 2/20kg-8reps. Then added 2/5kg total weight 70 kg- 8 reps 2rounds.
Then on to leg raise starting with 52kg 12 reps, then adding more 2plates one by one with 12 reps each, then another 8 rounds of 8 reps with each plate in descending order.(8/52kg,8/45kg & etc & ofcourse with the help of my PT) and almost fell off my feet, had to seat still for a few minutes before I could walk again LOL
Then some light cardio to get blood into my tired legs and proper stretch and a roll. I hope I will be able to walk tomorrow :))

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Push Ups with a bad to

I think push ups are cool and I am in awe of people who can do them. I struggle to do them because of my injured wrist. I had a surgery previously on it, plus I suspect something like RSI. I can do 5 to 10 on a fresh wrist, and about 3, after doing any kind of exercise that involves the use of the wrist.  AND I have to do an adjustment. I do push ups on my knuckles/fingers, too painful to do on a flat palm.
The push ups I was doing on the pic, were done at the end of my weight training. It was chest day, so heavy dumbells 10-12kg flys and press ups. So obviously, with every 3rd push up I was falling flat on my face :)))

Sunday, 10 February 2013

What I like for breakfast...

I believe breakfast must be very filling. It is most important meal of the day, has to fuel you for the day to come. It's like...your body is a car... For example, you are going to drive from London to Manchester. What do you do? You fill your cars gas tank before you start your journey and top up as needed on the way. You don't fill up your gas tank at the end of your trip, as you reach your destination, are you? So you should swap what you eat and amount you eat for dinner with breakfast. Big filling breakfast with proteins, and dinner should be light.
One of my favorite breakfast, since I have started my training, is : natural yogurt with a spoon of peanut butter and almond butter, all mixed together. I also recently started to ad a scoop of protein powder. Right now I use MP's unflavoured protein powder. The taste of it actually reminds me of dried milk we used to eat when we were kids :)))

Friday, 8 February 2013

Back workout

Did a short session, worked on a back. 

6 rounds-set of two: palms down bent over row 30-50kg X 12, Free Weights Dumbbell Bench Bent Over Row,I think it was 16 or 18kg (grrr don't remember, VERY hectic day) X 12. Finished them of with a few rounds on a pull down machines. 

And finished session with Zuzka Light's Tight Abs Workout , managed to do exactly 3 rounds in that 10 min ..Which was AWESOME!Considering :))... Cardio and core and back and arms and legs= the whole lot. Was lying flat for a few minutes, could not move lol
 Love to train y'all :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Food diary: Saturday

Weekends, they are most challenging for me when it comes to food. Due to the weather these wet winter months we tend to stay indoors. And when I'm home I tend to loose control on snacking. Keep going to the kitchen and just eat everything...
So today, I will write a blog entry as a food diary, hopefully it will help me to stay in control. Also, we are going out to visit a friend. I will be adding and editing this post as I eat during today.
#Breakfast 8.30am: scramble eggs with half a sausage on a bed of lettuce and orange pepper. Size of egg portion was of a size of my palm. And I am a strong believer to have protein for breakfast. As I'm not working out later, I'm not having any carbs.
Missed lunch as were busy running around, just grabbed 1 small bite of kid's flapjack.
At 4pm early #dinner over at my friend: stewed venison with steamed veggies in a small bowl, passed on the rice. A Clementine and some popcorn for a dessert.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It's mine!

My youngest is picking on my salad. And now she took the whole bowl away from me! Hey, It's my dinner! You asked for fishfingers!... :))))

Lightly cooked broccoli, avocado, celery <3 ,tomato, cucumber, home grown and made olives and olive oil.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Last years photos :) fitness/body related ;)

Some recent photos :))

Very first post :)

What will be my very first post about? Well... I think... how come?
I have been sportive all my life, since my mum signed me up for a Ball Room dancing when I was about 5 years old.
 When I was 18, I used to go to the gym which was run by man who was a bodybuilding champion in Latvia and his wife, who I think held the title of Strongest woman of Latvia. Can't remember their names :( Anyhow, they used to bug me, were trying to get me to do bodybuilding. At that time I used to work as a croupier in a Casino, plus being only 18, of course I refused, on several occasions :))
 And now 14 years later, now living in UK, I get the same suggestions, actually a few options, or a fitness competitor or a figure, these two will suit my body type and lifestyle better. So I thought, why not to try? May be it is my destiny, if professionals in this sport are saying that I can do it, I will give it a go!
My major health problems to overcome and to work with are severe RSI, Diastasis Recti, and spine/back problems(some docs said spinal hernias when I was about 15y of age, slipped disks & etc in the past)

That was me summer 2011

That was me summer 2012, a bit heavier...

And that is my goal, Erin Stern is gorgeous!

2012 Arnold Classic Europe Figure Championship and Candids! With Arnold himself :)

Until now,for the last 14 years, all I did was body-weight training and light cardio at home and not regularly.
I have joined the gym about 10 months ago, but started heavy weight training only about 3 months ago, when I have agreed to go for a competition.
  So, wish me luck and you are welcome to follow my journey, comment, advise, support and so on ;))))
 Stay cool :)

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