Wednesday 12 December 2012

Cutting snowflakes from paper is FUN!

When I was a kid we used to cut out snowflakes from paper and decorate the house with them. Oh wait! not just paper, we used foil too. Foil snowflakes looked really cool, all shiny. You can also decorate them in glitter of all colors :) Just what ever your imagination wants to.
Here is a sample, a template of a few to give an idea, so cut away with your kids, experiment is fun- what will come out? :))

You can find more interesting origami creations  at
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Monday 10 December 2012

Не рекомендую!

Сегодня с дочками ходили в литовский магазин закупить сырков. И иногда мы берем кукурузные палочки. И вот сегодня мы увидели пачку с картинкой из мультика "Маша и Медведь", и конечно же куча возгласов:" мама, мама купи!". Купила. Пришли домой, открыли, и оооо кошмар! Запах типа технического масла в нос ударил, меня аж затошнило :(
Больше мы такую гадость покупать не будем и другим не рекомендую!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Oh no!

Oh No!
Lots and lots of tears. Girl's pet- the gold fish had died :(
K asked:' mama what the fish is doing?' I looked and saw it with it's head stuck in a filter. The protective pipe had slid out of it and the fish got in and I guess suffocated.
  So I put it in the fridge for the night and we will bury it tomorrow. Very sad, sad indeed :'(
 I'm thinking may be tomorrow after school ask them if they would like to buy a new fish? Or it's too early? Does anyone have experience with dead pets? How did you go about it?

Wednesday 21 November 2012

We love Pukka Teas

We love Pukka Teas!
   My 6 year old never fancied any teas. She would try but never drink any of them until she tried Pukka's Night Time tea. Now she asks for it every evening before bed. And I love it so much, it so lovely and cosy siting with my girl on a sofa watching bed time cartoon and drinking warm tea on this cold evenings :)  I don't know if it's valeriana in it or what, but she seems to sleep better too.


Oat flower (30%), licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower (14%), lime flower (10%), valerian root, tulsi leaf.   Another reason I like these teas is, they are sweet enough that i don't even put honey to sweeten it.

So I thought to share the pages with you where you can get some free samples of Pukka Teas.
 You can order them via:

  • this page (you will need 'Best before end' details', from my pack these are: P2012.06.07 11:09 L2158 EXP2015.06.07)

  • or via this page :

Hugs and cosy snugly evenings, truly yours  :)

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Bad news from orthopedics for little V

X-ray taken today, V's age-4,4 years old

:'(  Last time we saw a consultant  they postponed surgery to see if the hips will develop more, will get better. But they didn't. They got worse! Now because they know its not just regular DDH, but neuromuscular on top of DDH, that means that her muscles do not support her hips enough for the joints to develop. And as with all neuromuscular conditions, they only get worse with age. You can manage, try to delay the degradation, but not treat it. Now we have to wait more to get a clear diagnosis on which NM condition she has from Nuero clinic, and after that the orthopedics will decide on what kind of surgery she will have. And ofcourse, once we will have a diagnose and will know what are we dealing with exactly, I will also look for the Alternative medicine/treatments to help my little one to manage, and delay the muscle degradation...
If anyone has any advice, recommendation, please feel free to share!

Monday 27 August 2012

Как восстановить файлы на карте памяти или флешке

У меня случилась беда! Более сотни фотографий изчезли с моей USB памяти :' ((  Когда пыталась открыть папку, он мне выдавал что файл коррупцирован или какаято ошибка.
Но ни чего, я так просто не здаюсь! По-google-ляла не много, почитала, и нашла способ восстановления используя только ваш виндовс- не надо скачивать ни каких спец программ.
Главное не делать формиратированние вашей карты или флешки!!!

  1. После того как вы вставили вашу карту памяти в комп, идите в Start->Run и впишите ''cmd''

  2. После этого он откроет вот такое окошко 

 И надо вписать : chkdsk e:/r . Где 'e'  указывает на местонахождение вашей карты(может быть и 'f  и др '  и r означает recover -восстановить

3.   После того как программа проведет проверки и восстановку спросит впрос где вы нажмете как хотите, да или нет. (y оr no) . Я нажимаю ' нет' .

После этого- вот и всё. Флешка работает и мои фотки пошли на Facebook :)

Если какие то вопросы,хотите что то добавить или есть советы на эту тему, пишите, не стесняйтесь ! :)

Thursday 31 May 2012

Мифы фитнесса которые ни как не вымрут... 1

Решила написать серию статей про легенды/мифы, после того как начиталась форумов мамочек. Для успешного потери веса возьмите на заметку.
Миф номер 1:
Для сжигания жира надо использовать небольшой вес(напр. гантели) и больше повторений, тогда как для наращивания мышц использовать большой вес и меньше повторений. 
Но почему? Что делает большее повторение таким особенным для сжигания жира? НИЧЕГО!
 Сконцентрируйтесь на использовании упражнений для наращивания мышечной массы, что создаёт благоприятные метаболические условия для сжигания жира.
Используйте свое питание, чтобы манипулировать вашим жиром в организме. По большому счету,в конце дня, вы сжигаете очень мало калорий от физических упражнений.

Monday 28 May 2012

Why I am dreaming about an open plan kitchen...

So , I was in the kitchen doing dinner. All prepared and put in an oven. I think to my self, now I have 5 min to relax. Ahhh. I take my book and enter the living room... And what do I see? No wander that at 32,  50% of my hair are grey...
First K totally freaks me out by saying non chalante : "Mom, I have a bead in my nose." Oh no, it was so deep! But I made her blow her nose and thank god it came out after the 4th blow. "Next time we will go to the hospital to cut it out, so hopefully there won't be next time!?" "No mummy, there won't. I don't know why I did it..."
Then I see that V nicked a bag of split lentils from the kitchen and its all over the sofa and the whole room :S  :'(
That is why I dream about an open plan kitchen, so I can keep an eye on my naughty angels.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Fussy Eaters

My kids are picky and fussy eaters, but they do love their veggies. Our new favorite salad is:
Grated organic carrots, grated organic radishes, chopped organic spring onion, chopped organic tomatoes dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a juice of fresh lemon. And of course salt & pepper. Yummy! Went down good and they asked for seconds :)

Monday 30 April 2012

Compare and Contrast

Guest Post

Sometimes I really wish there was a comprehensive guide out there to help me figure out which credit card is right for me. Then I realize, “Duh! That new fangled Internet has everything!” One quick little search and you can find a credit cards guide with ease. It's all laid out nice and simple for you! Here are the perks and/or rewards program for this card, here are some examples of the types of things you can earn, here is the interest rate, here is the signing bonus, here is the applicable fees, etc. etc. etc... I don't know what people did in the dark days before the internet, but I can't imagine making serious informed decisions without it! All of the information you need can be accessed with the click of a button at lighting speed (usually) and in a neat little chart that explains all the pro's and con's, similarities and differences. It would have taken me hours, maybe even days to compile all of that information about different banks and different cards just to make a simple decision about which card I want to apply for. I know its not the end of the world if I made a choice without being able to compare, BUT isn't it so much better that we have the option now to know for sure we are getting the best deal possible? Not every credit card is equal and depending on what kind of a spender you are and what you will be using the card for there is definitely some that will be a much better fit than others. For instance, I make it a point to pay off my statement balance in full every single month. Because of this, the interest rates are not at the forefront of my list of important things (if I continue on this track, I should never actually have to pay any interest!). However, the rewards program is probably one of the more important features of a card for me. If I owned a small business, or anticipated making a purchase I knew I would not be able to pay off right away, I might reconsider this line of thought.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Soft toy storage... Хранение мягких игрушек

I think every mother with baby/ies or a toddler/s has soft toy problem-toomanydontknowwheretoputthem problem. So I've searched the NET and came up with this. Got myself a wall flower basket/planter, it is very light.
I had a colour tester pot of yellow paint from Wilko and I painted the planter with a sponge, two layers. Mounted it onto a bookcase. As I got the bookcase from freecycle and it was hugely chiped on one side, it's ok, can do anything with it without feeling sorry :)

But it does look lovely! You can have loads of these baskets all over the wall and make them any colour you want. But my advice would be to use spray paint if you have.
  What do you think? How do you store your child's soft toys?

Sunday 22 April 2012

Dummies Breastfeeding and... Dildos

Gosh! Some things we see and can't do or say anything about it to those who makes us cringe...
It's like every time when I see a mother shoving and forcing dummies on hunger/unhappy crying babie makes me cringe. And not because they do it, but the reason behind it. They breastfeed but often when the baby is distressed for any reason, some moms will have more important task at hand such as wash the dishes, cook or, love that one, in a shop choosing a new top for yourself. The baby is screaming and mom instead of giving the breast will shove the dummy.
So you ask, what does dildo has anything to do with that? Well, when i see things like that happening I can't but compare an imaginative situation. You are horny and telling your husband/partner that you want sex. Instead, he will shove you a dildo and say that he is too busy working or has a football match to watch.  Far fetched but similar point behind it.
Don't get me wrong, I am not against dummies, but how they are used in some cases...

Carrot Coconut Pineapple cake

Hi all! As requested by some, here is my recipe:


  • 2 cups of self-raising flower (Or you can use all-purpose flour+1 teaspoon baking soda)
  • I use 3/4 cup of brown sugar and 2tbl spoons of natural sweetener ( but original recipe is 2 cups of sugar which i think is too much)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil
  • 2 cups finely grated carrots (about 3 to 4 medium carrots)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup of finely chopped and crushed pineapple(i use fresh)or 1 can (8 ounces) well drained crushed pineapple
  • 1 cup shredded coconut, i always use fresh but you can get a ready made one
  • 1 cup of sultanas (or/and 1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans which I never add due my daughter nut allergy)


In a mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients; stir to blend. Add eggs, oil, shredded carrots, and vanilla; beat until well blended. Stir in pineapple, coconut, and sultanas (1/2 cup of the walnuts if you use them). Pour into a greased and floured 13x9x2-inch baking pan. Bake at 350° for 50 to 60 minutes, or until a wooden pick or cake tester inserted in centre comes out clean. Place cake in pan on a rack to cool. Frost the cooled cake with cream cheese frosting and again, if you use nuts, sprinkle with remaining chopped nuts, pressing into the frosting very lightly.
My little helper is always there to help and sample :)))
Helping mummy to mix the dry ingredients. But  also we like to hide the spoon in the bowl and look for it , and to eat flower too.

He was not lucky as Little V sprinkled  some flower onto him...

I always have to clean and great more carrots as my little helper likes to eat them :)

The butter tastes really yummy!!

That's how she likes to sample it, messy but yummy 
And off into the oven

And that was my dinner :)

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Recycled old t-shirt

Was sorting out the washing and had two t-shirts very worn and with quite a few tiny holes in them. Was about to throw them away, when I remembered seeing some tutorials on YouTube on how to recycle/upcycle them. And that's what came out. I cut the t's into yarn and using the largest knitting needles I had made this round rug. 2 t-shirts = 1 rug enough to put under my 20something cm flower pot.  And it took me only about 15 min to do all.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Sex and Rowing machine?

Ok, My new gym-The Gym Group, opened last week, and today was my 3rd day in a row in it. I love rowing machine!  I think that's the only cardio thingy I give 110% to and does not bore me. I used to raw before, but never so dedicated ;)  Just to make my-coming-point-clear: I love watching and doing Zuzka's workouts. But when I just discovered her videos I did noticed that she is quite vocal. For example, check at 2:46. But I have never made any noises myself. 
 But yesterday I was rowing and was pushing myself really hard. Next to me was rowing a woman.She barely made any effort on herself. But then she turned around to me and said that I make noise like I'm having sex lol   Oh well, I do love the machine, so I guess you may say that I was making love with it?! Hahaha   That was my first time vocalising the effort, by the way- involuntary (
Done without conscious control!) and I get a comment like that :))) 
  Have you ever had any funny comments during your workouts in a gym, class etc.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Why I still breastfeed my 5 year old

  •       All the benefits of human milk—including nutritional and health—continue for as long as your baby receives your milk. In fact, as your baby takes less human milk, these advantages are condensed into what milk is produced. Many of the health benefits of human milk are dose related, that is, the longer the baby receives human milk, the greater are the benefits. Some fear that continuing to breastfeed until a child weans on his own will make him more dependent on his mother. Instead of viewing extended nursing as something to question, perhaps the real query should be, "What is there to be gained by abruptly putting an end to the breastfeeding relationship?" It's interesting that some people think that a child won't grow out of breastfeeding unless he is forced. In reality, it's a natural process for children to outgrow breastfeeding on their own. Independence, not dependence, is one outstanding trait that breastfed children who self-wean have in common.
           Natural weaning allows for differences in children by letting them grow at their own pace. Independence can't be forced upon a child before he is ready to assume it. A child who weans gradually is able to maintain his emotional attachment to his mother, rather than being forced to switch to an inanimate object such as a cuddly toy or blanket. I can vouch for this; I speak from personal experience.
  Human contact does not cause harm to a child :) 
Plus don't think that breastfeeding a toddler is the same as an infant. First of all, it's not as often, mostly just mornings and/or evenings, when they are in distress or in pain. And all it takes is a minute at most (at least with mine). 
Believe me I have tried to wean her off, twice, both times lasted for four! months. At the age of 3, and then 4. But she kept asking, very politely and kind of gently. I could see that she was not ready, she needed it, so I gave it back to her. And what a help it is. When she is sick, or in pain, instead of spending a lot of time and nerves (and a-lot-of-side-effects-painkillers) to calm her, get rid of the pain(like toothache,she likes her candies) and e.t.c all it takes is 30 seconds on a breast and off she's playing happily around. Yea, I KNOW!, you'd say " there are many other ways to calm your child"...BUT, nothing works as good and FAST as THE BREAST!

  •   Handling Criticism
          Understandably, some mothers find it difficult to deal with pressure to wean, whether that pressure comes from family, friends, or complete strangers. Choosing to do things differently than other mothers who initiate weaning after a few months calls for courage, self-assurance, and a good support system. Katherine Dettwyler, anthropologist, states that major contributors to premature weaning are cultural. Early weaning often occurs in cultures that promote breastfeeding as mainly nutrition for infants, view breasts as sexual objects, and don't accept nursing in public.
        If you're facing criticism from family members or friends, remember that they may simply be uninformed about the benefits of extended breastfeeding or perhaps they feel guilt about their own parenting choices. Consider responding to unwelcome comments by:
Ignoring: walking away or changing the subject.
Informing: sharing books, articles, or a medical professional's thoughts on extended nursing.
Using Humor: making a joke about the situation or yourself, not the other person.
Acknowledging: recognizing the person's viewpoint and asking further questions without agreeing or disagreeing
Empathizing: being empathetic to demonstrate that you understand the other person's feeling and meaning

  • Advantages for Mother
Parenting is an exhausting business. When a mother says how tired or stressed she is, some people may point to breastfeeding as the culprit. In reality, there are many benefits of extended nursing to mothers, some of which include:
     Stress relieving qualities: Breast-feeding suppresses the nervous system's hormonal response to stress, which is why many mothers recognize that they feel calmer and better able to cope with whatever comes along while nursing.
     A few guaranteed calm moments in a day: Parenting can be hectic. Toddlers are bursting with energy and find a lot of interesting things to keep them busy. There are times -- however brief -- when a mother can count on breastfeeding to provide soothing quality time to calm an upset toddler or to reconnect and bond with her child.
     Decreased risk of diseases: One study found a decreased risk of breast cancer among breastfeeding mothers, with the greatest risk reduction seen in women whose total amount of breastfeeding for one or more children totals several years (Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer 2002). A mother's risk of osteoporosis (and other diseases) is also reduced by extended breastfeeding (Gwinn et al. 1990; Hartge et al. 1989; Rosenblatt, Thomas, and WHO 1993).
    Amenorrhea: The amount of natural infertility experienced while breastfeeding is known as lactational amenorrhea. Many mothers experience reduced fertility when nursing past a year, with some women going as long as two years or more without menstruating.
Even after the time during which nursing alone is a reliable contraceptive has passed, many mothers continue to enjoy freedom from menstruation and from the physical and emotional effects of ovulation and menstruation" (Bumgarner 2000).
     Advantages for Toddlers
Human milk is the primary source of nutrition during a baby's first year. It becomes a supplement to solids during the second year, but it maintains nutritional value, as well emotional benefits for toddlers.
     Immune system: It takes between two and six years for a child's immune system to fully mature. Human milk continues to complement and boost the immune system for as long as it is offered (AAP 1997; Goldman 1983; Gulick 1986; Mohrbacher and Stock 2003; Saarinen 1982). Research on the incidence of illness in breastfed or weaned toddlers reflects these dynamics. Breastfeeding toddlers between 16 and 30 months old have been found to have fewer types and shorter duration of illness and to require less medical care than their non-breastfeeding peers (Gulick 1986).
    Oral development: Breastfeeding provides a natural outlet for non-nutritive sucking that promotes proper oral development, which has been found to improve speech (Davis 1991; Labbok and Hendershot 1987; Broad and Duganzich 1983).
     IQ score: Extensive research on the relationship between cognitive achievement (IQ scores, grades in school) and breastfeeding has shown the greatest gains for those children breastfed the longest (van den Bogaard 1991).
      Independence: The process that children go through while growing toward independence is a difficult one. Breastfeeding can provide feelings of love, comfort, and protection. When a mother makes herself available to nurse her child through a situation that he can't handle alone, he will likely develop independence based on faith that mother will be there to help. As a child gets older, there are fewer and fewer such situations. Provided a child isn't prevented from exercising his developing capabilities, independence comes with his increasing competence (Bumgarner 2000).
     Self-Esteem: Babies and young children nurse when they are lonely, frightened, or in pain and responsive mothering through breastfeeding leads to enhanced bonding. Allowing a toddler to nurse (or wean) at his own pace is an expression of trust that contributes to his self-esteem.

There are no prizes to be won for breastfeeding the longest -- all mothers and babies are different. Ideally the nursing relationship continues until the child outgrows the need.

Myth: An older nursing child won't learn self-comforting skills.
Fact: Giving your child the comfort of breastfeeding is actually the best way to teach self-comforting skills in the long run. It is from this early relationship with you that he learns much about his needs and how to get them met in constructive, self-initiated ways.

Myth: Prolonged nursing is too fatiguing for a mother.
Fact: Many mothers find that nursing is one way they are able to rest, since nursing assures that there are a few times in every day when the mother can put her feet up and relax with her child.

Myth: The longer you wait to wean, the harder it will be.
Fact: As children get older, encouraging weaning often gets easier, not harder, since older children have a greater ability to reason and a wider repertoire of interests. When your child is ready to wean, it will be easy.

Myth: It's better to wean suddenly and get it over with.
Fact: Weaning slowly is one of the many areas in your relationship with your child where going slowly pays off in the long term. There are no instant fixes that don't have a cost. By weaning gradually and employing gentle techniques, you will maintain your child's inner security and trust for you.

Myth: A mother who nurses an older child is doing it to fill some need in herself.
Fact: Many mothers explain that their satisfaction and pleasure in nursing declines as the child gets older, and if they continue to nurse, it is primarily because it is important to their child. Older children are usually not coerced to nurse, they are allowed to nurse.

Friday 24 February 2012

Очень полезно для детей молоко - НЕ ПРАВДА!

Прежде чем вы начнёте читать, хочу за ранее извиниться за грамматику и правописание. Я не писала на русском уже лет так 10. Можете смело комментировать про ошибки(грамматика и орфография) и я отредактирую :)  Спасибо за понимание!

В ответ на эту статью и миф о полезности молока для костей, я решила написать статью о противоположном мнении. Молоко может принести большой вред вашим костям. 
Если вы думаете, что ваши дети нуждаются в молоке для роста крепких костей , пришло время для второго мнения.Подробное ознакомление  статей опубликованных в  Педиатрии в 2005 году, показали что получение экстра кальция из молока или что-нибудь еще, ни даёт ни какой разницы в плотности костной ткани у детей и молодых
взрослых.  Это свидетельство показывает,что потребление молочных продуктов способствует развитию ожирения, ушной  инфекции, запорam, заболеваниям дыхательных путей, заболеваниям сердца и некоторым видам рака.

       Что такое Кальций 

Кальций — распространенный макроэлемент в организме человека.  В организме человека и других позвоночных большая его часть содержится в скелете и зубах в виде фосфатов. Ионы кальция участвуют в процессах свертывания крови, а также в обеспечении постоянного осмотического давления крови. Ионы кальция также служат одним из универсальных вторичных посредников и регулируют самые разные внутриклеточные процессы — мышечное сокращение, экзоцитоз, в том числе секрецию гормонов и нейромедиаторов и др. Содержания кальция в крови из-за большого количества связанных с ним процессов точно регулируется, и при правильном питании дефицита не возникает. Продолжительное отсутствие в рационе может вызвать судороги, боль в суставах, сонливость, дефекты роста, а также запоры. Более глубокий дефицит приводит к постоянным мышечным судорогам и остеопорозу. Недостаток кальция может вызывать множество заболеваний[источник не указан 317 дней]. Злоупотребление кофе и алкоголем могут быть причинами дефицита кальция, так как часть его выводится с мочой.
Избыточные дозы кальция и витамина Д могут вызвать гиперкальцемию, после которой следует интенсивная кальцификация костей и тканей (в основном затрагивает мочевыделительную систему). Продолжительный переизбыток нарушает функционирование мышечных и нервных тканей, увеличивает свертываемость крови и уменьшает усвояемость цинка клетками костной ткани. 

Я по своей специальности изучала этот вопрос. И в последние года было более сотни иследованний доказивающии о противоположном.

Вот как это происходит. Как и все животные белки, молоко окисляет рН тела, что в свою очередь запускает биологическую коррекцию. Кальций является отличным нейтрализатором кислоты и крупнейшие хранения кальция в организме - как вы уже догадались ... в костях. Так что кальций который нужен сохранять наши кости здоровыми и сильными, используется чтобы нейтрализовать окисляющий эффект  молока. Как только кальций извлекается из костей, он покидает тело через мочу, так что  результат получается противоположный- фактический дефицит кальция.Зная это, вы поймете, почему статистика показывает, что страны с самым низким потреблением молочных продуктов иимеют самую низкую частоту переломов в популяции

Если речь заходит о вреде или пользе молока, всегда надо точно указывать, какого именно и для кого. Материнское молоко никогда не будет для человека вредным. Природа не позволит, чтобы в продолжение рода вмешались вредные, несвойственные данному организму, вещества. Недаром в преклонные годы здоровье Великого Кормчего поддерживали женским молоком.
Но, естественно, совсем другое дело, когда подразумевается молоко, которое человек пьёт чаще всего, то есть коровье. При близости состава, качеств и внешних признаков предназначено оно всё-таки теляти, а не человеку. Как кормовой продукт, молоко включает практически всё, что человеку нужно; по калорийности полтора литра этого напитка — суточная норма человека в энергии, но состав и процентное соотношение ингредиентов...  Например, коровье молоко содержит протеин в 3 раза больше чем человеческое молоко, что создаёт метаболические нарушения в человеческом организме которые имеют разрушительные последствия на костное здоровье. 
Frank Oski, M.D., author of Don't Drink Your Milk! is the Director of the Department of Pediatrics of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief of the Johns Hopkins Children's Центр.Автор, со-автор, редактор или со-редактор 19 медицинских учебников и написал 290 медицинских рукописей. В первой главе своей книги, доктор Оски говорит: "На самом деле: питьё коровьего молока, было связанно с железодефицитной анемии у младенцев и детей, молоко былo названо причинной  спазмов и диареи в большинстве населения земного шара, и причиной различных форм аллергии.

       Научные исследования показывают что молоко увеличивает риск переломов
«Потребление молочных продуктов, особенно в возрасте 20 лет, былo связанo с повышенным риском перелома бедра в пожилом возрасте. (“Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly”. American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 139, No. 5, 1994).
И  12-летнеe  исследование Mедсестрами  Гарвардa  обнаружили, что те, кто получал   основную порцию  кальция  из молочных продуктов сломал кости больше, чем те, кто редко пил молоко. Это широкие исследования на 77,761 женщин в возрасте от 34 до 59 лет. 
Словами автора:
Эти данные не подтверждают гипотезу о том, что более высокий уровень потребления молока и других пищевых источников кальция для взрослых женщин защищает от Переломы бедра или предплечья.>> Источник : Feskanich D, Willett WC, Stampfer MJ, Colditz GA. Milk, dietary calcium, and bone fractures in women: a 12-year prospective study. American Journal of Public Health. 1997).

Amy Lanou Ph.D., nutrition director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C.,  утверждает: Страны с самым высоким уровнем развития остеопороза являются те, где люди пьют больше всего  молока  и  имеют  много кальция в их диетах.Связь между потреблением кальция и здоровья костей на самом деле очень слабa, и связи между потреблением молочных продуктов и здоровья костей практически отсутствует ".

В настоящее время дойным коровам также дают антибиотики и большинство из них вводят с помощью генной инженерии в форме 'рекомбинантный бычий гормон роста(rBGH)'.Техногенный или синтетический гормон используется для искусственного увеличения производства молока, rBGH также повышает содержание в крови инсулиноподобный фактор роста (ИФР 1, ) в тех, кто пьет его. И более высокий уровень ИФР-1 связан с несколькими  видами рака.
Это не должно быть проигнорировано, особенно в свете последней информации Сэмюэль Эпштейн, доктор медицины,профессор экологической медицины в Университете штата Иллинойс, Школа общественного здравоохранения, председатель Коалиции профилактики ракаВ статье под названием "Гормональнoe Молоко Монсанто создает серьезные риски рака молочной железы, помимо прочих  Раков" (, 21 июня, 1998), д-р Эпштейн делает вывод, что:
"Питьё rBGH молока  значительно увеличивает ИФР-1 уровень крови и, следовательно, повышает риск развития  рака молочной железы и провоцировать инвазивность новообразования ».

Ваши кости живы. Когда ваши кости стимулируется, они реагируют увеличением костной массы (что увеличивает прочность и плотность). Упражнение это отличный способ зделать ваши кости сильнее.
Большинство людей достигают пика костной массы k 30-и годам. После этого, прочность и плотность костей начинает снижаться. Физические упражнения несущие собственный вес тела- такие как бег, бег трусцой, ходьба, танцы,и т.д.   замедляют процесс спада и помогает предотвратить переломы и остеопороз.
 Для укрепления костей, дети нуждаются в физической активности как минимум 1 час в день , солнечный свет(витамин D), витамин К и диета, богатая фруктами и овощами. И есть здоровый кальций  в зелени, бобовых  и многих других продуктах без вредностей молока.

В 100 г продуктаСодержание кальция, мг
Молочные продукты
Молоко 3% жирности100
Твердый швейцарский сыр600
Плавленый сыр300
Рыба (средняя)20
Треска (свежая)15
Сельдь (свежая)50
Семга (свежая)20
Сардины в масле420
Креветки (вареные)110
Тунец (в консервах)
Сахар и сладкие продукты
Шоколад черный60
Мясо (средней жирности)10
Свинина (тощая)7
Ветчина(средней жирности)10
Мучные продукты и их производные
Белый хлеб20
Черный хлеб100
Рис, неотваренный10
Макароны, неотваренные22
Зеленые овощи
Помидоры, огурцы10
Лук порей92
Фрукты с косточками (сливы, абрикосы...)12
Груша, яблоко10

Содержание кальция в продуктах питания в мг на 100 г продукта:
  • мак 1460
  • кунжут 783
  • крапива 713
  • подорожник 412
  • сардины в масле 330
  • шиповник  257
  • миндаль 25
  • лесной орех 226
  • соя бобы сухие 201
  • молоко коровье 120
  • рыба 30-90
  • творог 80
  • хлеб с отрубями 60
  • мясо, субпродукты, крупы, свекла - менее 50
Суточная потребность в кальции
Согласно рекомендациям ВОЗ ежесуточное поступление кальция в организм не должно быть ниже 1000-1200 мг в день для взрослого человека и зависит от возраста. В организм должен поступать в определенном соотношении сфосфором. Оптимальным соотношением этих элементов принято считать как 1 к 1,5 (Са к Р).
Рекомендуемые ВОЗ суточные нормы потребления кальция:
  • Дети до 3 лет — 600 мг
  • Дети от 4 до 10 лет — 800 мг
  • Дети от 10 до 13 лет — 1000 мг
  • Подростки от 13 до 16 лет — 1200 мг
  • Молодежь от 16 и старше — 1000 мг
  • Взрослые от 25 до 50 лет — от 800 до 1200 мг
  • Беременные и кормящие грудью женщины — от 1500 до 2000 мг
Избыточные дозы кальция и витамина Д могут вызвать гиперкальцемию, после которой следует интенсивная кальцификация костей и тканей (в основном затрагивает мочевыделительную систему). Продолжительный переизбыток нарушает функционирование мышечных и нервных тканей, увеличивает свертываемость крови и уменьшает усвояемость цинка клетками костной ткани. Максимальная дневная безопасная доза составляет для взрослого от 1500 до 1800 миллиграмм.