Friday 3 February 2012

The miracle, well, kind of...

Some time ago I have posted on my FB wall that a miracle had happened. So to many of you who was wandering what the hell was that about because I was divorcing at the time. Some asked if the divorce is that miracle... Good question and a thought but no.

The miracle was concerning my older DD - K. As many of you know she has Selective Mutism which means that in some surroundings and situations and with some people she won't talk. and NOT because she does NOT WANT but because she can't due to the anxiety. There are still lots of unanswered questions about this condition: whys and whens and hows.

Any way, She loves to sing and dance and perform in front of the camera so I have been trying to find a drama or something like this for her. We went to a few but with no success, she did not like them or were not very comfortable to vocalize in the class. And Then I have signed her up for the Perform School trial class. We came in on the day and like always as soon as we are in she all get clingy and goes mute. She won't talk to anyone including Me. Then the teachers took the kids in the class. I have been keeping my eye on K through the window and she seemed to enjoy. After an hour, the teachers opened the door and were letting the kids out one by one. When it was K's turn she RAN out shouting: ''Mama Mama I want to come back tomorrow!!'' I was stunned! I lost my words and looked at her in disbelief :)) She was talking and very happy! The teacher said that she had joined with all the singing, talking, discussions and even their silly banana language. So I had to pay right then for the whole term which is not cheap. I think it's the most expensive classes I have come across but hearing and seeing my DD enjoying it so much it's SOOO worth it! When we left the building and went outside i started jumping and squealing with delight :DDDD

So now we are going there every Friday after school. Our branch is at Alexandra Palace. I Love this place! It is on top of the hillish mountain, you can see most of the London including the City from there. The view is gorgeous. While the kids are inside you have an hour. You can go on the playground with a youngest, or go see Deer( I just realized that single and plural for Deer are the same!) , or walk around this huge park or go to the Pub for a coffee or a drink ;)

If anyone interested I highly recommend this school. Of course it can be different at another brunch, it's all depends on the teachers. But you can try, they always have free trial classes for ALL ages from 3months old to 12 years of age. You can check their website here or call this number to book your free trial class 0845 400 4000. Their school has a'Recommend a friend' scheme  For every friend you introduce who goes on to book 10 classes with them, you will receive £30 credit on your account which can be used as payment for any Perform product (except for Perform Play purchases).  If you decide to go on please tell them that you found out about their school by personal recommendation and give them the details of us: Kristina Konstancia with post code N22. Then if you recommend to your friend and your friend will put your details then you will get the credit and so on.

I will end my post on that note as my little V has started reprogramming PC :)

Happy and enjoying drama classes to everyone!

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