Tuesday 24 April 2012

Soft toy storage... Хранение мягких игрушек

I think every mother with baby/ies or a toddler/s has soft toy problem-toomanydontknowwheretoputthem problem. So I've searched the NET and came up with this. Got myself a wall flower basket/planter, it is very light.
I had a colour tester pot of yellow paint from Wilko and I painted the planter with a sponge, two layers. Mounted it onto a bookcase. As I got the bookcase from freecycle and it was hugely chiped on one side, it's ok, can do anything with it without feeling sorry :)

But it does look lovely! You can have loads of these baskets all over the wall and make them any colour you want. But my advice would be to use spray paint if you have.
  What do you think? How do you store your child's soft toys?

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