Tuesday 30 October 2012

Bad news from orthopedics for little V

X-ray taken today, V's age-4,4 years old

:'(  Last time we saw a consultant  they postponed surgery to see if the hips will develop more, will get better. But they didn't. They got worse! Now because they know its not just regular DDH, but neuromuscular on top of DDH, that means that her muscles do not support her hips enough for the joints to develop. And as with all neuromuscular conditions, they only get worse with age. You can manage, try to delay the degradation, but not treat it. Now we have to wait more to get a clear diagnosis on which NM condition she has from Nuero clinic, and after that the orthopedics will decide on what kind of surgery she will have. And ofcourse, once we will have a diagnose and will know what are we dealing with exactly, I will also look for the Alternative medicine/treatments to help my little one to manage, and delay the muscle degradation...
If anyone has any advice, recommendation, please feel free to share!

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