Wednesday 26 June 2013

If I did it, you MOST definitely can do it too!

Ok, what are the usual excuses? Believe me I have them all!
*Had two kids. Born with 4.300 kg & 4 kg (over 9 pound babies)
* Diastasis Recti 4 fingers wide
* A mess of a pelvic floor, incontinence and prolapse
* Bad metabolism
* Fat genes
* Lazy
* Undisciplined
* Hardly motivated
* Love food! My favourite is Sweet Chilli chicken wrap from McDonald's
* No support from friends or family
* No social life
* Child with disability
* Suffer with depression
* Binge eater
* Weak knees, bad back(injures in childhood), very bad and weak wrist, can't run or much of any cardio-can't breath and get very dizzy
* No space, tiny flat
* Get bored easily

But I have done it! And I am keep doing it! I used to be 90kg (198+ pounds) before I had kids.
And I have closed my diastasis recti from 4 fingers wide to only a half a finger.
It took time, a year at least, and I'm still work in progress. But don't rush! I was taking just one day at a time. I'm not one of those super humans who make a goal, make a plan and stick to it religiously. No, that's not me, this kind of approach stresses me out and I get depressed. No, I'm taking baby steps, day by day. And it works for me, it worked for me so far.
I feel better, stronger, helthier. My kids are joining me. They asking questions about healthy eating choices, what food will make them stronger, faster, give them beautiful hair. They join me with my exercises and make up their own and put me through them :))))
Involve your kids, let them join you and copy you alongside. Have fun with it! Don't take it too seriously!
Enjoy yourself!

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