Monday 18 November 2013

Finally the Date for The Big Day is set

Last week Monday, Victoria had a pre-assessment appointment for her hips surgery at GOSH. We have a date for the surgery-10th of December!
We were greeted by an orthopaedic nurse who gave us a tour of the ward where Vika will be recovering post surgery, showed all the facilities available for parents. Fold-out chair next to the child's bed for a parent to sleep on and the kitchen for parents(parent/s are staying with a child for the whole recovery time,living in a hospital). Told us that close family can visit any time of day or night, friends and rest of the family can visit up to about 8pm, although its just a guide time, not set in stone.
Then we had an x-ray and saw one of the registrars, she said that now both hips are subluxed equally, as before one was less than the other. They will perform same surgery on both  hips, one at a time with 6 to 12 months gap between surgeries and spica cast for 6-8 months time.

 Than we were seen by Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, other registrars, Play nurses and lots of waiting in between. Than at the end of the day the Consultant herself came, Miss Eastwood. With other 10 or so doctors. Me and Vika, surrounded by that many medical staff was quite intimidating. Thank God Vika's school physiotherapist was with us the whole time, she explained a lot of things I couldn't understand, had questions about and so on. I am very grateful to her for being there with us.
Anyhow, the consultant, miss Eastwood, who will perform the surgery, tells us that she will do surgery on both hips in one go, and NO spica cast after. I was like: WHAT? No Spica?
 Apparently, Vika will have some hardware on the joints and that will take away the need for the cast. Still don't know 100% how it will work. Can't find much info on it.
  Vika will have Bilateral proximal varus derotational osteotomies with plate and screws. The surgery will last for about 4 hours. A very long time for a child to be under general anaesthetic. You can check the video for reference. Its not the same but very close.It shows the femoral bone only, Victoria will have a pelvic bone done too.

 We will spend, if everything is good, max a week post op in the hospital. First days she will be on Morphine as a painkiller. And because we live on a first floor, and apparently, by law a woman can not lift more that 15 kg, which means I'm not allowed to carry Vika up/down the stairs. So until the OT at the hospital will be sure that Vika can slide up and down the stairs on her own bum, we will be staying at the hospital. They don't care that I lift up to 100kg bar in the gym.
  Once we home after surgery, the hospital will lend us a wheelchair which we will have to use inside and outside the house. The physio will come over to work with Vika, and depending how she will recover, how soon she will get back on her feet. She will need a walking frame to start walking again. The doc is positive that Victoria will be able to go back to school after Christmas holidays. It's good that the school picks up Vika on a wheelchair accessible bus, and in the school Vika will have all the support needed to recover without missing on school. Did I mention that she is going to public mainstream school? It's amazing!

One thing that makes me sad is, I will miss my oldest performance show in her drama school which is 3 days after Vika's surgery.  :(

So for now, we are making the list of the things to take with us for stay in the hospital. And packing.
If you will be in a neighbourhood on December 11 till the end of the week, Vika will be glad to see some visitors to keep her spirits up, don't be a stranger ;)


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