Wednesday 23 February 2011

Heart worming end to a crazy day

In the morning had to take my 4 year old to an eye A&E, at Moorfield Eye Hospital in Old st. in the City. She has different problems with her left eye since she was a baby. This time it's a cyst on her lower eye lid. It started oozing puss in the morning. Once in the hospital.. oh my... they had only one nurse and one doctor... and when it finely was our turn they got a real emergency. Some little boy had something in his eye... he was screaming so hard and for so long. His Mom came out of the room, she couldn't handle it- she was crying herself :(  God! I knew exactly what she was feeling! But.. I thought of coming over and telling her something, but then remembered myself in the similar  state and decided best just to live her. When I was like that with my younger daughter, and nurses or some other people were trying to tell me that it is Ok- No! It wasn't!! Or it will be Ok- How do you know?!  What you would have done?......... After an hour the boy came out and He was FINE! :) God bless him!                  And we saw the doctor and got an antibiotic to drink for a month- yuck! I am thinking of not giving it to her yet. Just because he wasn't going to prescribe it at first, but changed his mind at the end. My girl is so brave, doctors love her lol .......... After we left the hospital and were about to get on the bus, I've realised that V took my house keys out of the pocket! Arrgg... Had to go back in- but the keys were found.
After I dropped the kids at home to stay with their dad, I went to collect the cloths I bought on e-bay for K. It is second hand, 20 items, brands like: Next, M&S, Monsoon, H&M, Zara, OshKosh and others. K was so happy and was trying them on for 2 hours :)   If I were to buy all that new from the shop it would cost me around £300, but I've paid only £30 and she gave me an extra bag of t-shirts, niccee! Plus I got another huge bag of cloths 2 days ago from Freecycle.
Here are some dresses I think are super cute, I love OshKosh!
Newborn Girls' Genuine Kids from OshKosh Pink Tiered Flutter DressInfant Toddler Girls' Genuine Kids from OshKosh Teal Short-Sleeve DressInfant Toddler Girls' Genuine Kids from OshKosh Pink Short-Sleeve DressOshKosh B'gosh Girls Solid Red Cotton Corduroy Overall Jumper 3 Months

It was a bit messy evening with K(my older) acting up, but once she was in bed, and I sit on it and breastfeeding my 2.5 year old V was holding hands with K... was so peace full and sweet. My heart just swelled up with love watching them drifting to dream land in my arms...

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