Thursday 24 February 2011

kandee the make-up artist: How To Tweeze, Trim & Shape Eyebrows (for girls & ...

I just LOVE Kandee!! She is an INSPIRATION to sooo many people including me. She is a make up artist, mom to 4 kids and heart inspirer. Thanks to her videos and blogs I am a mama with a bit more style and glamour :)
As was told a few days ago by my husband's relatives I have not seen for about 2 years:'' Every time we see you you are more beautiful!'' . THANKS to Kandee! I have learned so much from her about make up.
This is one of my favourite videos of hers, how to shape eyebrows. Even some make up artist who were doing my make up for a photo sessions asked me how do I shape my eyebrows. Then my mama asked me to do hers, and then her friends asked me...
This tool is a must! As mentioned in the video and I do confirm that it's a life saver and I  have it in my purse. I bought my at Amazon.
Search for tinkleTINKLE Eyebrow, Neck or Face Razor (Quantity: 3 Razors)
Have a look at it and enjoy!

kandee the make-up artist: How To Tweeze, Trim & Shape Eyebrows (for girls & ...: "YAY! I re-made my super old, dark, hard to see Eyebrow Shaping video!!! How to get the perfect eyebrows for your face! Look at the differenc..."


  1. Hi, just saw your comment on my blog, it was so sweet of you to look me up to give me an answer !
    I'll go on ebay UK immediately, thank you very much !

  2. You are welcome :) I know how frustrating it can be when you want something but it's not available in your country!