Wednesday 23 March 2011

Storm is coming.....

Storm is coming..... by tigrisj
Storm is coming..... a photo by tigrisj on Flickr.
That is one of my favourite places in Greece. We used to go camping there every summer. The beach name is Melani, situated in Pelion on the Aegean Sea side. The sand is coarse, more like made out of very fine stone/gravel. Its popular with campers from Germany, Austria and Greeks themselves. That photo I took early in the morning, about 7 am. Every one was asleep in their tents, my hubby, his mum, his two cousins with their children. I tried to wake every one up and warn them that we have to get moving as the storm is coming but they all ignored me. So I stayed out with my 12 months old daughter  and watched as the sea raised and the waives reached the tents and went in. It was funny to see them running out of their tents in shock lol
We usually went during the week as it was quite empty but on Friday evening more tents appear and Saturdays' mornings when you coming out of your tent you'll see lots of new tents and many people sleeping just in their sleeping bags with no tents at all :)
I like it so much there that I even went camping there with my mother in low and we shared a tent every week end for a few weeks lol Every one was telling me that I'm mad! Just Me, K and my mother in low.
 My most memorable moment probably is... - when it was just me and MDH, in the morning about 6:30 I poped my head out of the tent and there was a naked bum right in front of me! Some German lady was doing her,I think Tai Chi, nude just in front of our tent lol lol
Panoramic view of the beach here.

Some more pics from Melani


Blue tent was ours, silver y mother's in low :)


  1. Your photos are beautiful! You have an eye for colour and composition!
    I am enjoying your blog so much I am passing on a blog award to you xxx

  2. Wow! Thank you :)
    That's unexpected :D
    Thanks again!