Saturday 12 March 2011

What's life in a baby buggy like?

Have you ever wandered why your child does not like to ride in a buggy? Or at least some of you.. 
         Last month I have attended a course for parents about How to talk to your baby. It was a 2 day course but unfortunately I was able to attend only the first-theory day.
One thing out of many caught my attention was the mentioning of the stress for the child in a forward facing buggy. 
There is even  an extract from the longer video produced by Norland College to highlight how it feels for a baby to ride in a forward-facing buggy.

Research published by Talk To Your Baby in November 2008 examined interactions between parents and infants in face-to-face and away-facing buggies. The research was carried out by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, developmental psychologist at the University of Dundee.
Zeedyk emphasised that the study was small and required further investigation, but said: "If babies are spending significant amounts of time in a baby buggy that undermines their ability to communicate with their parent, at an age when the brain is developing more than it will ever again, then this has to impact negatively on their development. Our experimental study showed that, simply by turning the buggy around, parents' rate of talking to their baby doubled."

More information on the topic you can find HERE

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