Thursday 10 March 2011

Trip to Great Ormond Str Hospital and the kids are my HEROES!!

Who needs an alarm clock? V woke me up as usual at 6 am. Surprisingly we managed to get ready pretty fast. First time in months got to the Nursery before 9am, 8:45 to be exact! We dropped K and went on on our first time journey to the GOSH. We came to the x-ray department as was instructed in a letter and were told to wait for somebody to get us. And what do you know V fell asleep. Well because V was asleep I took the liberty to look around on my own. They had really good waiting area with lots and lots of different activities for children of all ages. Stuff to draw, stuff to make, puzzles, computer games(2 stations), big flat screen TV, soft corner for under 2s and many more...
Then a young guy came over, he was our 'test taker'. He took us to a different building and the lab guy started to try to guess where am I from. First choice of course -Poland, then Albania(really?), then Bulgaria then something else and then I had to stop him and tell him- its LATVIA! He was like:'' I would have never  guessed!'' And I decided against of asking -WHY.
Once we arrived to the different building, there I saw lots of children with different disabilities and illnesses. We had an opportunity to interact with some of them while we were waiting for the sweat to be collected from the probe(see yesterdays post). 
These kids are my HEROES! We adults have so much to learn from them!!  With all the stuff they have to deal and live with they never complain! They are so strong and full of life. When adults get sick they moan and moan and are miserable and pitying  themselves ... Children- don't! They play, have fun and live as best as they can. These children will always be my INSPIRATION!

About V's test- now we have to wait for her paediatrician to tell us the results. Hoping and believing all is good and we will get a negative on it

So when you have a cold or a headache - it will go away! Or even a broken bone- it will heal. Don't concentrate on it and you will feel better! Take these kids as an example - keep smiling and live your life to the fullest xoxo
My daughter has her arm in a cast(from shoulder to her fingers), but it does not stop her from doing crazy things, she still is ready to climb the mountains lol 


  1. You are right, children are veyr inspirational. I hope you get good results from little V's tests.

    Visiting from BMB, have followed.

    Mich x

  2. Hello,

    You and your family are very strong! It is amazing how little ones do not let anything phase them, they just see it as another challenge! They love risks. Looking forward to reading more, stay strong.

    Multiple Mummy


  3. Thank you girls, I've followed back :)

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